CARONEONE Launches, Disrupting Car Buying Process

San Leandro, California (EastBayDaily) — CARONEONE ( launched today, offering car buyers a unique way to shop online and find the best deals in the most painless way possible. The site, which offers a “Freemium” service to both car buyers and dealers, enables the buyer to get a low price and the dealer to make the sale with a minimum of friction. The early stage company was founded by two experienced car sales and management executives. “Buying a car is a big investment, and the existing sales process is beyond broken,” said DJ San Juan, CEO of CARONEONE. “We’re solving a problem that weighs on a lot of car buyers. Consumers need tools that will help them find the right car for the best deal possible."

How It Works

Buyers on CARONEONE use the site’s intuitive interface to describe the new car they want. CARONEONE then puts the buyer in contact with multiple dealers of their choice. The dealers can then make offers and communicate with the buyers through the site. This process allows car buyers to get prices upfront and find the right car on the best terms before actually taking the time to visit the dealer. After they select the car they want, they can complete the purchase at the dealership. CARONEONE is not a broker and is not directly involved in the transaction.

Win-win for Consumers and Dealers

CARONEONE’s technology and business model are designed to help customers by making their car shopping easier through negotiation-free price quotes and a hassle free and transparent process – all for free. By connecting buyers and sellers free of charge, dealers can pass consumers additional savings of up to $350, which is what dealers typically pay other buyer referral sites. The site also features the first contact management tool to help car buyers manage their interactions with dealers. This feature eliminates the archaic pen-paper process of organizing a car shopping research. One advantage of this process for dealers is that it lets them spend less time haggling and more time selling cars. The company plans to monetize its transaction flow through premium ad placements and other offerings to dealers and finance companies.

A Credible Team of Car Veterans

Michael Diep and DJ San Juan founded CARONEONE after spending over 10 years in automotive sales and sales management. They’ve sold and transacted over 5,000 car deals. Their experience in the industry enables the management team to give both dealers and car buyers what they need to come together successfully to do a deal.

Together they partnered with co-founder and technology partner James Stelzer, co-founder of an online travel company, who has over 15 years of experience in software development.

Available Immediately

Consumers can shop smart now for their new car at


CARONEONE was founded in 2013 by Automotive Sales and Management Executives, DJ San Juan and Michael Diep, and Software Engineer, James Stelzer. CARONEONE is a car-shopping site that helps consumers get upfront price quotes from multiple dealers through a transparent and negotiation-free process. It gives them a suite of tools to help manage and organize their car-shopping. Find us on and See how it works


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