CCPR Launches Grassroots Campaign to Legalize Cannabis in California

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Today the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR) launches ReformCA, an effort to build the grassroots movement needed for cannabis legalization to succeed in an upcoming election.

“California’s ready for reform,” said Dale Sky Jones, executive director of CCPR, “but for reform to become reality we need to build a movement from the ground up starting now.”

Recent polls in the state have found a majority of registered and likely voters support replacing marijuana prohibition with regulations and taxes. Organizers of ReformCA are encouraging Californians from all backgrounds to visit and sign the pledge to support a ballot initiative that ends prohibition to regulate and tax cannabis.

“We want to mobilize this support and put a familiar face on the reform movement for those who aren’t already with us,” added Jones. “Recognize the marijuana madness and disingenuous fear tactics for what they are. Prohibition directly affects what is most important to each of us. Your friends, family and neighbors want reform. Law enforcement wants reform. Business wants reform.” went live with 120,000 supporters in its network and new social media channels. The organization will continue to build its database and momentum towards reform through aggressive digital engagement and in-person events across the state.

“Even the U.S. House of Representatives agrees it’s time to listen to voters and take a step back from the prohibition against marijuana; this is an issue that can bring people together,” said Jones, referring to the historic vote on May 30th to rein in the Drug Enforcement Agency’s harassment of voter approved medical cannabis programs.

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Brian McGuigan