Celebrate Green Skin Care and St. Patrick’s Day with Marie Veronique Organics

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Sustainable, natural skin care company Marie Veronique Organics is urging consumers to learn more about the recent peer-reviewed study just published in Environmental Health Perspectives and sponsored by the Silent Spring Institute. The study, according to CEO Hillary Peterson, “is an eye-opening look into the number of chemicals found in personal care products that don’t make it into their list of ingredients.”

The study included a surprising category —sunscreens and “alternative” sunscreens. The study says, "Fragranced products – including air fresheners, dryer sheets, and perfume – and sunscreens, had the largest number of target chemicals and some of the highest concentrations. In addition to the labeled ingredients, alternative sunscreens contained up to 7 target chemicals that were unlabeled, including estrogenic UV filters. The alternative sunscreen with the highest number of target chemicals was a product marketed for babies, children, and sensitive adults."

“I had a melanoma ten years ago,” says Peterson, “I also had thyroid cancer fifteen years ago. With those two occurrences in mind, I began thinking about how I could live my healthiest life.” Hillary started buying more local, fair-trade, and organic foods, but it was only later that she started thinking about her personal-care products. “I never imagined the lotion I’d used for years was primarily made with petroleum products, or that my sunscreens were made with harmful chemicals that have been linked with cancer. I never understood that what you put on your skin goes into your body and into your bloodstream. This discovery represented a big shift in my thinking.”

“Science tells us that what goes on your skin ultimately penetrates your skin and goes into your body. The right ingredients can do a world of good and the wrong ones quite the opposite.” says founder Marie Veronique Nadeau. After a career as a chemistry teacher, Nadeau began developing products with her daughter, physicist Dr. Jay Nadeau, experimenting until she found the perfect combination of oils, extracts and vitamins. Fueled by a desire to age gracefully, Nadeau created the line of ecologically responsible, natural anti-aging products highly rated by the Environmental Working Group and known as one of the safest skin care lines on the market.

In recognition of the Silent Spring Institute investigation and St. Patrick’s Day, Peterson and Nadeau are encouraging customers to stop by their Skin Care Lab (1790 5th Street, Berkeley CA 94710) or shop online to receive an exclusive offer to enjoy safe, green skin care from their award-winning line. Nadeau will be available to meet with customers on Saturday, 3/17 from 10-4 to offer expert skin consultations and recommendations on how to address individual skin concerns and what products best suit their skin’s needs. Marie Veronique Nadeau’s extensive knowledge of the skin, as well as the effects on it of different ingredients, is an invaluable resource that will be available to all guests.

For more information on the Silent Spring Institute study and how to receive the GreenIsGood exclusive offer, please visit: http://mvorganics.com/greenscreen

ABOUT MARIE VERONIQUE ORGANICS: As a former chemistry teacher, Marie developed Marie Veronique Organics with her daughter, physicist Dr. Jay Nadeau. Marie’s goal was to create a skincare line that would allow her to age gracefully and naturally. “We are honored to provide you with the smartest anti-aging products on the market. We have a deep scientific understanding of the aging process and we look to nature to provide ingredients that will nourish the skin to aid in slowing down the aging process”, says Marie. Marie Veronique Organics operates responsibly and sustainably, sourcing fair trade, organic, and/or locally grown whenever possible, and using biodegradable products, labels, and easily recyclable packaging. Ten percent of company profits are donated annually to The Acumen Fund, a non-profit dedicated to creating better opportunities for women and children in Third World countries. Marie Veronique Organics’ award-winning facials are available in select spas, including: -Solage – voted #1 spa in the Americas and Caribbean by Conde Nast Traveler readers. -The Inn at Palmetto Bluff – recognized by Travel + Leisure as the #1 spa in the U.S. -Esperanza – recognized by Travel + Leisure as the #1 spa in Mexico.


Catherine Clifford
Marie Veronique Organics