Certified Fanless Medical Computer Helps Doctors Co-Diagnose Patients and Better Train Interns


Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — NEXCOM has released the IEC60601-1:2006 certified fanless medical computer NISE 3640M series to make co-diagnostics possible during surgical procedures. Intended for use in operating rooms (OR), the medical computer NISE 3640M series has acquired the IEC 60601-1:2006 certification and adopts a fanless design. The NISE 3640M series delivers high reliability and availability required of integrated surgical systems and helps maintain required standards of cleanliness in ORs.

To ensure the safe use of electronic medical devices and systems within the patient vicinity, the NISE 3640M series has undergone rigorous testing in accordance with the third edition of IEC 60601-1 standards (IEC 60601-1: 2006); and has acquired the test certificate from TÜV Rheinland. With test-proven reliability, the NISE 3640M series can work in harmony with other electronic medical devices and systems despite the heavy use of electronics in today's ORs. Moreover, the NISE 3640M series avoids using crash-prone fans to maximize the system uptime and lifespan. The fanless design also helps reduce infection risks by preventing dust accumulation on computer fans.

Based on Intel® Core i7-3517UE processor, the fanless medical computer NISE 3640M series is equipped with outstanding video processing capability and four LAN ports. The NISE 3640M series can be configured with IP cameras to stream high resolution videos and images that not only are required for remote collaborative diagnosis but also make possible of video documentation to help train medical interns.

The fanless medical computer NISE 3640M series consists of four models: the NISE 3640M with one PCIe x4 slot, the NISE 3640M2 with two PCI expansion slots, the NISE 3640M2E with one PCIe x4 expansion and one PCI expansion slot, and NISE 3640ME2 with two PCIe x4 expansion slots.


Khang Pham