Champs Glass Games: From Paraphernalia to Functional Art

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — A row of glassblowers fire pieces in an open-air club in downtown Denver. Smoke permeates all three floors of the pulsating after party and the drinks are free. Present are some of the most innovative cannabis businesses in the nation. The gathering, which happens regularly in convention halls throughout America, is part of the Champs Trade Show event and Glass Games.

Champs shows offer a wide array of the best in functional glass art. This art – bongs, bubblers and dab rigs – is defined as drug paraphernalia by federal law as cannabis remains a Schedule I substance. Still, when Champs takes place in Denver, the veritable capital of responsible adult cannabis consumption in America, artists and companies aligned with the event continue to push the boundaries of federal oppression exerting both state and personal rights to partake in the healing herb.

Whether smashing glass art cars into each other during a destruction derby or displaying marbles so intricate it feels like holding the galaxy in the palm of your hand, Champs entertains and innovates. Cannabis Now Magazine, a publication that broke boundaries put up by “family-friendly” Apple by becoming the first cannabis magazine on iTunes, will be present during the upcoming Denver Champs event displaying their newest issue. The issue boldly portrays a concentrate pictorial and announces “The Future of Cannabis.”

Like those producing “drug paraphernalia,” the magazine faced setbacks in Colorado’s “legal” cannabis marketplace when state leaders approved a law dictating that cannabis publications must be sold behind the counter like pornographic magazines. The law was later ruled unconstitutional after two federal lawsuits correctly stated the action limited free speech by restricting magazine distribution based on content. New lawsuits, regarding recreational cannabis dispensaries rights to advertise in media publications including magazines, are also currently traveling through the Colorado state courts.

As regions in the U.S. and countries around the world consider different levels of legalization from medical to recreational, Cannabis Now Magazine continues to advance the dialogue surrounding mainstream acceptance. The collection of detailed, comprehensive articles from leading experts, cultivating specialists and devoted advocates give readers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the culture beyond stoner stereotypes. Members of the magazine staff will be present at booth #1049 during Champs to advance their mission of providing responsible content that enlightens and educates the public on the legitimate and beneficial side of cannabis.

<br>About the company:<br>By including only responsible content, Cannabis Now Magazine hopes to enlighten and educate the public on the legitimate and beneficial side of cannabis. The magazine focuses on the latest news, politics, horticultural advancements, social change, economic trends and medical information.


Ellen Holland