Chiropractic Marketing Ideas Legend and ChiroTrust™ Founder, Ben Altadonna Releases His 29 Popular Audio Lessons Online

Danville, California (EastBayDaily) — Are you seeing under 50 visits a week? Stuck around 100 visits a week? Starting a practice from scratch? These are just three of the 29 free chiropractic marketing lessons that are available online now.

Due to the cost and hassle of travel, the ability to digitize and upload content, the value we all place on our time, and the continuous recycling and re-purposing of out-of-date chiropractic building advice by practice building consultants, more and more chiropractors are saying enough is enough to live event seminars, long term consulting contracts, high end coaching groups, and chiropractic franchises.

The good news is that less and less chiropractic consultants remain.

The bad news is that many outside internet marketers are now targeting chiropractors. Pitching shallow, worthless, and in many instances, blatantly illegal marketing strategies.

"That’s why I am giving away these 29 audio lessons to my peers. There are free chiropractic marketing ideas, strategies, and tips here. You can listen to just one or all 29. It’s totally up to you,” says Altadonna.

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