Christians and Messianic Jews Called to Finish 100-Day-Long Prayer for “The Church” in Unity; as November 15, 2013′s 100-Day-Long Prayer for The U. S. A. Looms Near


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Christians and Messianic Jews are being asked, today, to complete the current segment of "555 Days of Prayer to Save America, this week" by praying, in unity, over the last five days of the prayer segment, for The Church, and, for Messianic congregations. The 555-day long prayer initiative has reached day 251, during the critical and strategic current prayer for The Church. Organizers of the prayer event, including spokesman, Robert Berry, are crying out to brothers and sisters, globally, to finish the remaining five days of prayer for God's people, His Church, and, to begin to pray for the sins of the United States of America, along with other participants around the world, on November 15, 2013. "It is crucial that we do this, at this time," said Robert Berry, CEO and spokesman fro "Save America Gathering" and "555 Days of Prayer to Save America." "We have brought ourselves before The Lord, and asked for forgiveness of the sins of The Church. Christians can even find evidence of why The Church and its leaders need to be covered in prayer on popular television shows about the clergy in Southern California. We have a mess on our hands. Maybe we should, as one of my family members suggested, pray for 2000 days!"

The 555-foot height of the Washington Monument was the thematic inspiration for the 555-day-long prayer, which has often been called "a monument to God in prayer." The upcoming prayer phase will require Christians to come before God, in prayer, and ask forgiveness and mercy for the sins and shortcomings of the United States of America. This is strategically crucial to the entire 555-day-long prayer sequence.

"555 Days of Prayer to Save America" is slated to conclude with "The Great Wave Offering," which is presently being planned for September 11, 2014.

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