Christians & Messianic Jewish Believers Called to Join in “555 Days of Prayer to Save America” on Independence Day and Continue Praying Until its September 11, 2014 End


Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) — "Save America Gathering," has extended a warm invitation to all Christian and Messianic Jewish believers, to join the ongoing "555 Days of Prayer to Save America," on the American Nation's birthday, Independence Day, the Fourth of July.

"It is perfect timing. Believers can just join in the 100-day-long prayer segment underway, now, and then just keep going to the end," says Robert Berry, group spokesman and one of the event's planners. "Make it a prayerful day. Even as things are, we have much to be thankful to the Lord for, in our land. Happy Independence Day!"

The event is currently at 120 off its 555-day span. It is day 54 of the first one-hundred-day-long prayer segment, an extended prayer for mercy and forgiveness of our sins and shortcomings. This prayer is preparatory for the four 100-day-long prayers which will follow it, later. Those prayers will be sent up to God for, in sequence of occurrence, mercy and forgiveness of the church; forgiveness of the sins of our nation; purification and restoration of The Lord's people, His Church; and, for the healing and restoration of our land, the United States of America.

The event will conclude on September 11, 2014, with a "Great Wave Offering," which is still in the early planning stages. This event will feature Christian flags, especially the U.S. Christian Flag, which can be viewed or purchased at


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Save America Gathering

Robert Berry
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