Christians Summoned to Finish 100-Day Prayer for the Church


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Robert Berry, spokesman and CEO for "Save America Gathering," yesterday reviewed, for Save America Gathering/ADMIN, the work the Christian non-profit had accomplished, so far, during "555 Days of Prayer to Save America."

"Firstly, we cried out for five days for God to hear our prayers. With the current state of the United States of America, we are fortunate to have Him listen! Then, for fifty days, we thanked God for our salvation, as well as His mercy and forgiveness. After that, for one-hundred days, we cried out to God, Almighty, to confess our personal sins and shortcomings, and to ask for mercy and forgiveness for ourselves, so as to begin a purification process amongst the participants. Having completed one-hundred days of self-cleansing, confessional prayer, we were ready to begin heavy lifting. On August 7, 2013, we began a one-hundred day prayer asking Almighty God to forgive and dispense mercy with regard to the sins and shortcomings of His people, 'The Church.'"

Berry paused, for emphasis, and continued. "Now, we are about to begin, on November 15, 2013, a one-hundred-day-long prayer that is crucial to '555 Days of Prayer to Save America.' All believers are hereby summoned to pray along with the other participants in a one-hundred -day-long prayer for the sins of the nation, The United States of America. There is no more crucial action any Christian can do right now in America than to join 'Save America Gathering' in prayer and pray this 100-day prayer."

The 555-day-long prayer initiative is themed after the 555-foot height of the Washington Monument, in Washington, DC. The remaining prayers, following the prayer for the sins of the United States of America, are a 100-day-long prayer for purification and restoration of His People, The Church, and a one-hundred-day-long prayer asking God for the healing and restoration of The United States of America. All Christians and Messianic Jews are encouraged to pray these prayers, daily, until September 11, 2014, when we will gather, thank God for listening to us, for 555 days, and perform a "Great Wave Offering."

The Great wave Offering will feature the Stars and Stripes, the United States Christian Flag, The Christian Flag, and the Kingdom of God Flag. The United States Christian Flag may be viewed or purchased at The Kingdom of God flag can be viewed or purchased at

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