Chronic Ice Hemp Tea Quenched the Crowd at International Cannabis & Hemp Expo in Oakland

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Thousands of people flocked to the first-ever medical marijuana street fair, held in Oakland (appropriately enough) over the Labor Day weekend. Unlike most hemp expos, the International Cannabis & Hemp Expo in Oakland featured a designated area for medical marijuana patients to light up—or eat up—in the open. The Kush Boys were there to celebrate the educational event and help attendees cure their cottonmouth with their signature Chronic Ice hemp tea.

“The Hemp Expo was a perfect event for us to get the word out about our hemp tea,” says Kush Boys co-founder Jamal Weathers. “People were really excited to learn about Chronic Ice and the secret of its delicious taste and health benefits: the combination of whole-leaf green tea, black tea, and hemp seed powder. And although Chronic Ice isn’t psychoactive, people with 215 recommendations told us it goes perfectly with some of the other things they were sampling.”

Chronic Ice is a refreshing health tea, made with organic sugar cane, a green and black tea blend, lemon essence, ascorbic acid and, of course, hemp seed extract. The antioxidant-rich, healthy tea is free of preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup. Representatives were handing out samples of the all-natural hemp drink, and cans were available for purchase.

The International Cannabis & Hemp Expo covered more than five blocks near the “Oaksterdam” neighborhood on Saturday and Sunday, including the area right in front of City Hall. Patients with a valid doctor’s recommendation were allowed into the “215 area,” where they could sample medicated drinks, cookies, and lotions; participate in a joint-rolling competition; or simply sit on the grass and enjoy music and comedy.

As the first city in America to tax and regulate dispensaries, Oakland has long been at the forefront of efforts to normalize marijuana use. The city government and police supported the event.

“Oakland needs to be the tourist destination for cannabis,” Salwa Ibrahim, an event organizer and government relations liaison for nearby Oaksterdam University, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “We felt like a street fair for the cannabis industry would help solidify that.”

The event had a relaxed vibe because of the fair’s openness to medicating on the premises. “It was amazing to see what happens when thousands of like-minded people can come together and celebrate without fear of persecution or prosecution,” said Weathers.

For more information about Chronic Ice or Kush Boys Worldwide, visit or call (888) 557-3332.

About Kush Boys Worldwide Kush Boys Worldwide is a Los Angeles-based company committed to pursuing ventures that benefit a demographic they call the new-age pop culture. Current projects include the online animated series Master Kush; an eco-friendly clothing line for the urban demographic called Kush Couture Lifestyle Apparel (KCLA); an all-natural iced health tea made with hemp known as Chronic Ice; the natural male enhancer Sir Rock; and Kush Boys Studios.

Kush Boys is now launching a number of lifestyle products, such as Chronic Ice and KCLA clothing, to satisfy the needs of a demographic they call the new-age pop culture.


Jamal Weathers
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