Claritics Launches Claritics 4.0 to Simplify Big Data Analytics for Cross-Platform Application Developers and Marketers

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Claritics (, the leading User Intelligence solution for mobile, social, and enterprise SaaS applications, today announced the availability of Claritics 4.0, a simple yet powerful analytics solution that makes Big Data easily accessible to app developers of all kinds. With Claritics 4.0, marketers and product managers can now use a single, integrated Big Data platform to harvest user demographic and behavioral information across mobile, social and web-based channels in order to optimize engagement, remarketing and monetization.

New capabilities in this release include packaged applications for OnTarget User Lists, Funnel Discovery, and a User Events Analyzer for discovery and exploration of insights.

OnTarget User Lists

Marketers running digital campaigns can analyze users holistically across mobile, social and web properties using several dimensions, including in-app behavior, web visits, mobile interactions, demographics, social behaviors, and more. Users can be easily grouped and saved into desirable segments, called OnTarget User Lists. The lists are dynamically updated and can be used for remarketing or re-engagement campaigns, which have proven to yield 20-30% better results due to timely, personalized offers. The user lists can also be easily exported or integrated with campaign management tools including ExactTarget, Adobe Marketing Suite, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and homegrown CRM solutions.

Data-driven Funnel Discovery

App developers struggle to understand which features drive adoption, viral growth, and repeat usage. Funnel analysis is often used to identify drop-off points and event conversion rates, but with Claritics 4.0, developers can take funnel analysis one step further by creating multiple funnels using a simple drag-and-drop widget and then slicing and dicing those funnels based on any number of detailed behavior, campaign or demographic attributes. Funnels are saved and updated dynamically so that trends, anomalies and experiments can be tracked and automated for rapid decision-making.

Platform Enhancements

The Claritics Big Data intelligence platform today processes over a billion user events monthly and has analyzed more than 25 million users in total. The platform leverages Hadoop, noSQL, and a cloud-ready analytics engine to power real-time analytics. Key enhancements to the powerful Big Data platform include the ability to create real time applications using data at scale with Hadoop, HBase, and Impala. Leading mobile and SaaS applications also have the ability to leverage private cloud deployments for their growing user analytics and easily integrate rich user profiles with internal CRM/loyalty assets.

“This latest version of Claritics’ User Intelligence platform lets customers quickly build segments of visitors who are showing higher levels of engagement in gamification campaigns. And, in just a few clicks, they can create rich remarketing lists to target those segments with follow-on campaigns to boost engagement and eventual monetization,” said Chris Duskin, VP of Products at Badgeville. “Anyone who is capturing activity across web, mobile or social channels will benefit from this release and the visitor insights it delivers.”

“Claritics 4.0 has key enhancements that enable quick and easy deployment for Big Data enterprise initiatives that focus on using mobile, social and web data to help deepen customer behavioral insight,” said Neeraj Gupta, CEO of Systems in Motion. “The packaged analytics modules like Funnels and Events Analyzer, combined with the highly configurable KPIs and dashboards layer, provide our customers the critical velocity that is required to act on data insights before data loses its value.”

Availability Claritics 4.0 is immediately available and developers can get more information by contacting Claritics at info(at)claritics(dot)com.

About Claritics Claritics is a big data intelligence platform for social, mobile and enterprise analytics applications. Claritics provides packaged ‘analytics solutions’ that enables marketers, and product owners to quickly drive value from user campaigns related to social and mobile initiatives. The Claritics platform is offered in flexible deployment models including an easy-to-use, cloud based subscription service or a private cloud service for larger enterprises or SaaS providers. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, the company works with several popular app platforms and developers, for real-time insights and business outcomes. Claritics is venture-capital backed and led by a seasoned management team with deep expertise in social media marketing and big data analytics. For more information, visit

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