Cleaire Verification Extends to Caterpillar ACERT™ Engines

San Leandro, California (EastBayDaily) — Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls announced today that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved an extension to the LongMile® diesel particulate filter (DPF) verification. This extension means that owners of trucks and buses powered by engines equipped with an OEM diesel oxidation catalyst such as the family of Caterpillar ACERT™ diesel engines can now retrofit those engines with the industry leading Cleaire LongMile DPF. This extension makes the LongMile applicable to essentially all model year 1994 through 2006 four-cycle engines.

When compared to other passive DPFs, the LongMile’s low temperature requirement allows for broader engine / duty cycle application and greater flexibility in duty cycle changes without compromising the filter’s ability to regenerate. Furthermore, LongMile’s greater ash capacity means triple the time between filter de-ashing compared to similar sized channel wall-flow filters. For the fleet owner, LongMile translates into greater operating flexibility, less downtime for maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

“While only introduced in late 2010, customer demand for LongMile’s many advantages has made it our best-selling product,” said Gale Plummer, Cleaire CEO. “We’re pleased that CARB’s extension allows for an even broader range of engines to be retrofit with the LongMile.”

The LongMile, manufactured by Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls in San Diego, California, is a Level 3+ CARB verified emission control device used to reduce particulate matter in diesel exhaust. The LongMile DPF uses a unique sintered metal material that is exclusively available to Cleaire. The revolutionary filter has several advantages over conventional DPFs, namely low backpressure, high ash holding capacity, and low exhaust temperature requirements.

Additionally, the LongMile’s passive regeneration system, compact size and state of the art monitoring system make it an excellent candidate for retrofitting a very broad variety of truck and bus applications.

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About Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls, LLC Cleaire designs, develops and manufactures retrofit emission control systems for today’s existing diesel engines. Our diesel particulate filters have been verified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and are compliant with both US EPA and CARB requirements to provide maximum PM emission reductions for a wide range of diesel applications, both on-road and off-road. Furthermore, Cleaire provides proven solutions to diesel emissions compliance while extending the operating life of existing equipment and avoiding costly replacement. Our unmatched network of dealers throughout North America provide local pre- and post-sale support, including grant writing assistance, installation and training. Cleaire is headquartered in San Leandro, California, with manufacturing operations in San Diego, California.

ACERT is a trademark of Caterpillar.


Kevin Harris
Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls