ClearSight Networks Announces Network Time Protocol Support for the Network Time Machine : New Feature for the Network Time Machine® Provides Precision Time-Stamping Capabilities for Critical Applications

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — The clocks on computer systems can deviate and drift. Sometimes this drift can be considerable, varying by as much as 10-20 seconds per day. If left unchecked, these drifts can accumulate and result in significant errors in the computer system clock. Fundamental to all network monitoring and analysis solutions is the notion that frames and packets that are observed and captured are accurately time-stamped. Without this, these solutions could fail to detect a network anomaly or could report one that is not there. It could also hinder root-cause analysis once a problem is detected.

Synchronization with NTP Servers can correct for these deviations and drifts, and provide system clocks with precision clocking capabilities for monitoring tools and other applications that have such a requirement.

This new capability for the ClearSight NTM appliance provides the ability to query internet or LAN-based NTP servers, on a regular basis, ensuring that captured network information, log files, reports, and application flows are time-stamped accurately. What this means for our customers is that unique ClearSight features such as multi-segment and network bottleneck analysis are now greatly enhanced and made more accurate through the use of synchronized NTMs.

The solution provides the ability to consult with such servers regularly without any detrimental effects on the NTM appliances. Versions 1 to 4 of the NTP specification are supported.

NTP support is available at no additional cost to customers that have active maintenance software service agreements on their NTM products. For customers that are no longer on the software service program, please contact ClearSight to renew your contract so you can take advantage of this new feature plus others that have recently been introduced.

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