ClearSight Networks Introduces ClearSight ApexTM : Apex Provides In-depth Explanations of Network Problems and Issues as a Human Expert Would

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — ClearSight Apex will be available as a standalone product or as a licensed option for existing ClearSight products, beginning with ClearSight Analyzer (CSA) version 6.6. The main feature of the standalone product is as a searchable knowledge base of possible Problems and Issues that you might encounter on your network. In most cases a Problem is associated with something that is happening too often or is taking too long – for example, too many retransmissions of IP packets, or slow response from a server. An Issue is usually associated with an error code that is returned from a destination – for example, Callee Busy, or Page Not Found. When you use the standalone Apex product, it will serve as an informative educational resource. Each individual knowledge base page presents a brief description of the item (Problem or Issue), a list of possible causes and a list of suggested remedies.

When you license the Apex product as an option to the CSA product, you get far more: you will be able to right-click on an item in a Problem list or Issue list or in a statistics table or ladder diagram, and then proceed immediately to the corresponding knowledge base page. The entire knowledge base becomes a context-sensitive tool, always at the ready, to instantly help you to understand what is happening.

Other features of the Apex product include:

Simulates real human network experts to help make decisions. Contains a fully comprehensive network knowledge base — derived out of countless of hours of effort on the part of network experts world wide. More intelligent because it uses the context provided by your own network traffic, infrastructure and associated conditions — decision-making based on all the known network variables within your situation. Helps to solve problems even while its counterpart ClearSight Analyzer detects them – in real time – so you not only have a problem identified, you have its respective, relevant solution provided, concurrently. You are able to sift through confusing details and analyze multiple problems simultaneously — separated out, identified, categorized, and resolved. “The introduction of ClearSight’s expert analysis technology for its analyzer products will equip telecom operators with a critically important tool for network compliance testing and troubleshooting,” said Dr. George Kimura, Executive Director for Technology Innovation Department of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) West. “We are pleased to see ClearSight’s continued investment in the development of testing tools that help telecommunication operators better operate and manage their network infrastructure.” NTT is one of the largest carriers in Japan.

Apex 1.0 and CSA 6.6 are currently shipping. Pricing for Apex begins at $5,000. Support on the ClearSight Network Time Machine (NTM) will be available in mid-September. A 14-day trial version of Apex will be available for download from

For additional product information or to place an order, call ClearSight Networks at (510) 824-6000. You can also email or visit

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ClearSight Networks was founded in 2001 and has received numerous awards for product ingenuity, creativity, ease of use, and real-time information. In particular, ClearSight has received the Network World Fusion award for the Best VoIP Monitor and Analyzer and the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Most Innovative Technology award. Headquartered in Fremont, California, ClearSight Networks can be reached at (510) 824-6000.


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