ClearSight Networks Releases 10 Gb/s Ethernet Capture and Stream to Disk Network Time Machine : Network Time Machine® 6.7 Provides Sustained Line-Rate Capture and In-Depth Analysis to Optimize, Improve and Ensure Network Operations Reliability

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — Fueled by increased bandwidth demand and business continuity requirements, 10 Gb/s Ethernet is enjoying rapid adoption in the enterprise according to a recent report by Forrester Research. A long term network capture appliance capable of supporting 10 Gb/s in conjunction with more traditional troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities is a critical tool to ensure overall network health. The NTM is also integrated with the Atlas and ClearSight Analyzer products, providing network professionals with network forensics, data mining and protocol analysis capabilities in a single appliance. In addition, the new NTM solutions support emerging 10 Gb/s standards such as Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

“Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation (NTT-West) conducts research into core technologies and services for next generation networks. An important component of this work involves the qualification and interoperability testing of network equipments and architectures used in such networks,” said Dr. George Kimura, executive director, Technology Innovation Department, NTT-West, the largest telecommunication company in Asia. “The availability of bleeding edge monitoring and analysis tools for 10 Gb/s Ethernet, such as those from ClearSight, has accelerated NTT-West’s ability to roll out new service offerings to our customers faster than the competition.”

This new 10 Gb/s capability builds on the already substantial capabilities of the NTM. Due to its high capture rates and large storage capability, the NTM collects data over an extended period of time, facilitating the identification of abnormal packets that can cause intermittent faults, packets associated with unauthorized access and the forensic analysis of 100 percent of application transactions carried over the network. The distributed architecture lets the user capture data from separated network segments and correlates that data to form a total picture of traffic flow around the network.

“We have found the process of troubleshooting our networks to be greatly accelerated through the use of ClearSight’s new 10 Gb/s NTM solutions,” said Yutaka Aoyama, network engineer, Wide Area Ethernet Service Center, KDDI Corporation. “KDDI network administrators and managers monitoring and analyzing our large 10 Gb/s Wide Area Ethernet Network appreciate that the NTM gives them complete end-to-end visibility and provides them with not only deep insights into network activities but also the ability to capture all packets and store them onto a high capacity disk array, even at 10 Gb/s data rates.”

To list just a few of Network Time Machine’s uses, it can enable IT network professionals to:

Troubleshoot and analyze network issues Know whether critical data was lost Find out which applications may be creating bottlenecks to network performance Generate reports showing network quality Maintain a healthy network Key features and benefits of the 10 Gb/s Network Time Machine line are:

Captures 100 percent of 10 Gb/s Ethernet traffic at full line rates Long term streaming to disk storage from 1.6 to 44 terabytes Real-time flow and application analysis Real-time monitoring Hardware based 10 ns timestamp resolution with Network Time Protocol (NTP) support Full ClearSight Analyzer features available for protocol analysis and packet decodes (nearly 1,000 protocols are supported) Supports RAID 5 protection Distribution architecture allowing for multi-user and remote access “Providing customers with timely products plays a crucial role in our ability to deliver leading monitoring and analysis solutions to the marketplace,” said Steve Wong, vice president of marketing, ClearSight Networks. “We are committed to providing products and solutions that make it easier for our customers to ensure the health and reliability of their networks. With advanced functionality and features, including the ability to now monitor and analyze 10 Gb/s Ethernet network data in real time while capturing every single network event and streaming it to disk, our newest NTMs extend our product offering and leadership into 10 Gb/s Ethernet.”

The NTM uses enterprise class SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) drive technologies, as well as RAID storage controllers, providing unmatched levels of performance and data protection. ClearSight’s highest performing NTM, the Premium2, can provide up to 44 terabytes of streaming to disk storage. On a typical enterprise class 10 Gb/s Ethernet link operating at 10 percent capacity, 44 terabytes represents about four continuous days of data capture.

NTM 6.7 is currently shipping. For additional product information, pricing information or to place an order, call ClearSight Networks at (510) 824-6000. You can also email or visit

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ClearSight Networks was founded in 2001 and has received numerous awards for product ingenuity, creativity, ease of use and real-time information. In particular, ClearSight has received the Network World Fusion award for the Best VoIP Monitor and Analyzer and the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Most Innovative Technology award. Headquartered in Fremont, California, ClearSight Networks can be reached at (510) 824-6000.


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