CMS Commander Launches Open Beta Version of Remote Management Software for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla Websites

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — With today's availability of webspace and domains more and more webmasters operate and manage multiple websites. Due to the need to constantly oversee each site separately, keep software up to date and other regular tasks the management of a site network can quickly become a nightmare that consumes a large amount of time and reduces efficiency, in particular for bigger companies or organizations with dozens or even hundreds of web properties. CMS Commander – which has just released an open and free beta version – intends to solve this problem for both private site owners and large companies by offering an easy to use remote management solution that allows webmasters to control all their websites from a single account.

"We want to make CMS Commander for everyone: It is easy to learn, simple to use and supports sites created with all of the most popular content management systems on the market.", says creator Thomas Hoefter, "If you own and mange two or more websites CMS Commander can save you lots of time by creating automatic backups, installing updates, managing content and much more for all of them at the same time."

Drupal, Joomla and WordPress have a combined market share of over 70% as of August 2012 according to statistics from W3Techs, making them the three most widely used content management systems (CMS) to build a website with on the market. The CMS Commander software supports all three of those CMS and can remotely manage any number of websites built on Drupal, Joomla or WordPress from the same account. Furthermore CMS Commander also supports the popular open source forum platform phpBB.

In early August CMS Commander already had over 2000 active beta testers managing more than 10,000 websites through the software. The support forum that is integrated into each account makes it easy for all testers to highlight issues or make suggestions for new features. An online documentation and 18 video tutorials are available for new users.

The software is designed around the core concept of making day-to-day management of multiple websites easier and save the users time by automating processes or completing them in bulk on several domains. Key features include the automatic creation of backup files, bulk plugin and theme updates, installation of new plugins on any number of websites as well as remote management of articles, comments, settings and user accounts. CMS Commander also provides a suite of automatic content features, allowing users to fetch related images, videos, affiliate products and other content from over 15 different sources and include them directly into existing or new articles.

Everyone interested can sign up for a free beta tester account at

About CMS Commander

CMS Commander is a software that helps webmasters manage multiple websites by collecting all of them in a single control panel, automating many otherwise tedious tasks and completing processes in bulk on all of the sites at the same time. Writing articles, installing new plugins, keeping themes and plugins up to date and creating automatic backups all become super simple with CMS Commander. To learn more visit