CO Card Offers Next Generation Safety and Awareness

Newark, California (EastBayDaily) — KWJ Engineering’s new CO card uses advanced printed gas sensors to enable a high performance handheld safety monitor that works with your cell phone. The CO Card is a thin, portable, high-performance Carbon Monoxide monitor that has a touch screen interface, WiFi connectivity, and user programmable functions, while still maintaining low power operation, at a low cost. Carbon Monoxide is an invisible, odorless toxic gas, and recent events highlight the lack of adequate sensors in hotels and schools, and the need for advanced portable and fixed monitors. The CO Card can be used by everyday people and industry professionals alike to connect to your network or phone and deliver critical information about your safety. KWJ Engineering has developed this technology in part using printed electronics in its innovative Screen Printed Electrochemical Sensors (SPEC SENSORS), that are extremely tiny, thin, flexible, low power, long life and very low cost. This breakthrough instrument was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation and will be featured in Eureka Park at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2013.

Dr. Joseph Stetter, Director of Research and Development, adds “Our CO Card will demonstrate the fantastic ability of Screen Printed Electrochemical Sensors to be integrated into advanced electronic devices. The CO Card will offer high performance, long life detection of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases, and will be able to be mobile, or carried with the user. The addition of a WiFi module expands the users monitoring options by allowing easy monitoring of several sensors from one workstation."

Two different models of the CO Card plan to be released sometime in the summer of 2013; a model with a touchscreen interface, WiFi, and rechargeable battery, and a lower cost version that works via an iOS or Android App. Personnel at KWJ’s booth will have demo models on hand to show how advances in sensor technology have led us down the path of integration not seen before in electrochemical gas sensing.

KWJ Engineering Inc. is an established manufacturer and developer of gas sensors and instruments including our best-known consumer product, the widely-used Pocket CO, which will also be on view at our booth. Our low power, low cost sensors are ideal for wireless monitoring, wearable medical devices, and many other new applications. KWJ Engineering is committed to improving health, safety and environmental awareness for individuals and industry alike. For more information on our products, please go to


Edward Stetter