CollectMyThoughts – Business Solutions Startup – Launches Fundable Campaign

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Startup company CollectMyThoughts, which provides reviews and ratings on business solutions, is launching its Fundable campaign this week to reach out for investor and/or crowdsourced funding.

For too long, business buyers have been aimlessly looking for products and services through Google searches, wasting time and money. CollectMyThoughts will be the resource that aids them in finding new or replacement products and services.

Like Yelp or Angie’s List, users sign up for a free account and use a 5-star rating system to designate the level of satisfaction they’ve experienced with another company’s product or service, often called a “solution.” The user is encouraged to add specific comments about their use of the product or service in order to assist others who may be considering that solution.

CollectMyThoughts has garnered about 500 solution reviews since launching early this year, mostly originating from e-learning, HR, and corporate training industries, which has been its early focus.

CollectMyThoughts seeks to expand its market reach to provide this resource to more categories of B2B products such as CRM, social media management, cloud services, VOIP, consulting services and more. To continue this expansion, it is seeking outside funding.

“CollectMyThoughts will become a tremendously valuable resource for today’s business consumer,” says CEO Dan Cox. “By obtaining outside funding, we expect to grow and expand to other areas to help more buyers make informed purchasing decisions to obtain solutions that best fit their needs.”

To date, there are 400+ registered users of the site, and over 2,500 solutions from about 1,900 vendors are featured. Vendors – businesses that sell product and service solutions – may sign up to add or edit the information that appears on their public profiles.

Seeking to become the trusted resource for people making business solution purchasing decisions, CollectMyThoughts expects that the launch of the fundable campaign will bring its benefits to a broader audience, increasing activity on the site from the business-to-business community.

About CollectMyThoughts:

CollectMyThoughts is a web-based resource designed to assist decision-makers in purchasing software and other solutions by providing a repository of user-generated reviews.


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