CompAndSave Announces Relocation to the Bay Area, California

Newark, California (EastBayDaily) — In the business of providing high quality, economical printer inkjet cartridges, laser toners and printer accessories since 2003, Inc. recently announced their relocation from Portland, Oregon to Fremont, California. Moving back into the Silicon Valley will provide significant strategic advantages to the company.

As a company that made its humble beginnings in California seven years ago had opted to move to Portland to take advantage of Oregon’s tax benefits for businesses. Seven years in the ink and toner supply industry has consolidated their position as a market leader for printer supplies in the North American region (USA & Canada) and has given the company the wherewithal to reestablish operations in the Bay Area. The company CEO Mr. Andrew Yeung decided that this was the opportune time to relocate operations back to Northern California.

Logistical advantages for CompAndSave

According to Mr. Yeung, there are obvious logistical advantages of being in the vicinity of other companies that utilize cutting edge technologies and the very latest innovations. He feels that this relocation is a golden opportunity for the company to join hands with business partners who will further grow the company’s success. The company’s customer base now has the potential to grow exponentially. Physical proximity to California’s main ports will also have some time saving advantages.

With rapidly improving customer service experiences and the recent doubling of sales figures Mr. Yeung's optimism seems justified. These enhancements have manifested within just a few months of having shifted to Bay Area, says Mr. Yeung.

An impressive track record

The fact that in the year 2012, over 500,000 ink cartridges were purchased from CompAndSave is a telling tribute from customers. Some factors set the company apart from others in the niche; CompAndSave’s toner and ink cartridges cost 80% less when compared to their brand name counterparts. This coupled with a one year money back guarantee as well as quick and efficient customer service means that CompAndSave has maintained an impressive 99.9% customer satisfaction rate with largely positive customer feedback and ratings.

A new start for CompAndSave

The company now has the benefit of an enormous new warehouse space with the potential to accommodate hundreds of staff members and a huge inventory of stock. Since high turnover, prompt customer response and fast shipping are vitally important in this business, this is a significant new advantage for the company. Considering the labor density of California, easy access to highly trained and talented personnel is another advantage that the company’s dynamic team can now benefit from.

CompAndSave Plans for the future

Mr. Yeung remains positive about the future outlook for the company which at present has the advantage of its hard won and loyal customer base. There are plans to add even more products to the company’s already large inventory, especially to their growing line of environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Mr. Yeung has expressed confidence in CompAndSave becoming a market leader in the computer and printer peripherals niche in the near future.

About Established in 2003, Inc. is located and incorporated in the Bay Area, California. CompAndSave specializes in providing quality printer inkjets cartridges, laser toners, printer accessories and peripherals. Inc. Address:     38929 CHERRY ST, NEWARK, CA 94560 Toll Free:     1.877.INK.6888 (1.877.465.6888) | Mon to Fri: 8am – 5pm [PST] Local:     1.510.516.6333 | Mon to Fri: 8am – 5pm [PST] Fax:             1.877.838.9869


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