Constance Romweber Confections Puts the ‘Art’ in ‘Party’

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — America is a nation of foodies, as evidenced by the popularity of shows like “Top Chef,” “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Good Eats.” Where else, and in what other time, would chefs Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray become household names? But, connoisseurs of fine cuisine are becoming more discerning, demanding fare that is not only agreeable to the palate, but pleasing to the eye.

That’s where Constance Romweber Confections has found its delicious niche. Owner Constance Romweber’s original, creative cakes and petits fours are constructed with such detail and craftsmanship that they blur the ever-thinning line between food and fine art.

Pictures of cakes by Constance Romweber Confections — the graceful Constance wedding cake or the modern Freeform special occasion cake, for example — reveal an awe-inspiring level or artistry. These unique cakes resemble everything from renditions of Victorian architecture to art deco prints. Some, such as the Frog Prince on Cake Pillows, conjure fairy tales and fantasy.

Romweber credits her own special, revolutionary cake icing recipe with giving her the ability to design and execute wedding cakes with flowers, lattice work, scallops and other delicate ornamentation that is superbly detailed and holds up well in transport.

“Our confections are as delicious as they are beautiful,” she said. “We do whatever it takes to create gorgeous desserts and party favors for our clients.”

Romweber’s elegant wedding cakes, celebration cakes, mini cakes, petits fours and chocolates can all be personalized for any occasion. She shies away from “cookie cutter” creations that her clients may see in other pastry chefs’ portfolios, in favor of one-of-a kind creations that reflect the inimitable character and taste of each person and the event they wish to celebrate.

“Everything we make is customized for the event, making it all the more memorable,” Romweber said.

Romweber invites people interested in elegant wedding cakes or special occasion creations to browse pictures of cakes she created on her Web site, Visitors to the site can see enlarged versions of each photo for a better look at the intricate detailing of each.

About Constance Romweber Confections:

Constance Romweber Confections specializes in elegant wedding cakes and other special occasion cakes, beautifully detailed petits fours, personalized chocolates and other artful confections for caterers, wedding and party planners, as well as individual customers. Pictures of cakes, pastries and chocolates created by Constance Romweber Confections can be viewed on the company Web site,


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