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Dublin, California (EastBayDaily) — Today PSS announced the release of a thought leadership briefing titled Deploying Visual IVR to Drive a Superior Customer Experience. The briefing focuses on a relatively new family of IVR solutions called Visual IVR. The briefing is based on an in-depth technical interview with Keith Ward, the CTO of PSS and a recognized industry thought leader in contact center solutions.

Keith describes how and why Visual Interactive Voice Response systems create a better customer experience. In the briefing, he discusses how to determine which applications are ideally suited for Visual IVR, cost-benefit considerations for enterprises and a range of technical and business topics of interest to CIO’s, IT Leaders and contact center managers.

Although Visual IVR is a fairly new family of IVR solutions, the briefing details how applications are faster and easier to deploy since they are built on a contact center’s existing IVR infrastructure. Visual IVR is layered on top of the current connectivity and business logic which leverages the existing IVR back-end. As such, a Visual IVR solution creates a new touch point for customers to interact outside of the voice channel but still utilize the capabilities that were designed for voice.

One of the key business drivers for deploying Visual IVR is the emergence of a technologically savvy generation of consumers, often referred to as generation Y. This new and rapidly growing customer base has vastly different expectations for interacting with a contact center. They want contact center solutions that allows them to use their smart phones and feature phones rather than calling an 800 number to speak to an agent. This large segment of the population will only do business with enterprises that offer this new modality for customer service.

As Keith Ward notes in this briefing, many enterprises are currently focused on creating mobile applications. While mobile applications are important, they will take considerable time and resources to deploy in an optimal way for customer service. Many enterprises are simply not aware that Visual IVR contact center solutions are a step that can be taken now, a middle ground approach that are easy to deploy. Visual IVR can be used today to create highly efficient contact center solutions for a fraction of the price. According to Keith Ward "I truly believe that Visual IVR provides a better customer experience. People are able absorb more information visually and are able to process that information more efficiently than if they listen to a long series of questions."

The complimentary briefing "Deploying Visual IVR to Drive a Superior Customer Experience" can be downloaded here

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