Converge Enterprise Selected Among the TOP 22 Companies for CRM Idol 2014

Dublin, California (EastBayDaily) — Converge Enterprise the leading Cloud CRM company has made it into the top 22 CRM companies of the World, out of 160 participants this year in CRM Idol 2014. The nomination list of CRM Idol 2014 has been released yesterday, July 30th’14, and Converge Enterprise has been selected as one of the Contestants consecutively Second Year in a row.

CRM Idol, which has names of top CRM stalwarts like Paul Greenberg, Brent Leary, Chuck Schaeffer and Kate Leggett associated to it, indeed needs no introduction. It is by far the leading platform that acknowledges the best of upcoming CRM talents.

As a level further from the past seasons, CRM Idol Committee has raised its bar of competition this year. "After lots of work, significant numbers of submissions to go through, videos to watch and references to check, we now have a pool of contestants that any competition could be proud of. This year, by conscious choice, we’ve limited the number of contestants to less than half of previous years and will be offering the contestants more services in support of their growth even if they aren’t the winner of the contest.," stated the CRM Idol website.

The second-time successive nomination of Converge Enterprise in CRM Idol has precisely come at the right time – just weeks after Converge has officially rebranded itself. From what started as a Simple Powerful Unified CRM platform, Converge has transformed into a much BIGGER & BETTER Business Management Application with the new Tagline – Sell Market Service Collaborate. And this is precisely what will work as a USP for Converge in fighting it out with the 21 remaining CRM Idol contestants.

"Although Converge has been selected in CRM Idol 2013 contest as well, this year the CRM Idol judges will meet a different and improved Converge Enterprise CRM. More than just a standalone CRM application, Converge will startle them with an amazing array of features, namely – business process management automation, document management, project management, quotes/invoicing, partner collaboration, and reports and analytics.

"Whether it is delivering marketing messages via multiple channels, building one-to-one relationships with customers or increasing efficiency through business process management, Converge Enterprise is powered to do all. Hence, Converge will come across as a powerful all-in-one web-based Business Growth Software for sales, marketing, customer service and collaboration that enables fast-growing small business as well as large enterprises attract more prospects, grow more sales and retain more customers," said Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of Converge Enterprise.

The launch of Converge Enterprise has been made with the clear objective of revolutionizing the way SMBs deploy and use Cloud CRM; which is why Converge has been designed as a broad application as opposed to other discrete systems where the SMBs have to handle system integration or string together data siloes.

Converge’s unique breadth, killer UX (user experience) and complete flexibility also allows clients to easily adopt the software to their business processes.

CRM Idol will give Converge the perfect opportunity to put forth these pointers to the CRM industry key decision-makers. "Understanding that user experience is absolutely key to CRM success, we will emphasize upon Converge’s comprehensiveness, easy to use screens, customizable processes and other intuitive features such as inline editing, quick clicks, bookmarks, mouse hover-overs, jump to’s, and quick entry forms, that maximizes user adoption for the SMBs."

About Converge Enterprise Converge Enterprise is a leading Cloud CRM company offering an innovative collaboration network portal connecting Customers, Partners and Employees through social and mobile cloud technology. Founded by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs in the year 2013, Converge Enterprise is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. The powerful cloud-enabled CRM application is designed to enable the SMBs drive better revenue by running all customer-centric activities from a single integrated application.

The CRM framework offered here is widely acknowledged as the most intuitive yet rigorously functional solution for all business verticals. Simple and Intuitive UI, easy navigation, partner network collaboration, inbuilt advanced document management, DRIP, Multichannel marketing, personalized settings, social feed integration and complete data backup are a few USPs that distinguish Converge Enterprise (featured in Boston Herald, Los Angeles Times, and The Miami Herald etc) from its counterparts.

Pricing and Availability Converge Enterprise CRM application is available in three versions, namely – Lite – $9.00 per User per Month Professional – $29.00 per User per Month (most popular) Premium – $59 per User per Month

Free Trial is also available for 30 days, which can be upgraded to paid membership during that period or afterwards.

To know more, mail to info(at)convergeenterprise(dot)com or call Converge Enterprise at 855.411.2769.

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