ConXtech’s Bi-Axial Steel Connection Meets OSHPD Requirements for Use in California Hospitals

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Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — ConXtech® Inc. announced the notification by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) that its innovative ConXL™ moment frame connection meets OSHPD requirements for use in California hospitals. This milestone follows successful completion of full-scale cyclic testing of the company’s ConXL connection technology. A battery of full-scale tests was performed to an OSHPD approved testing protocol specifically designed for ConXtech’s true bi-axial moment connection.

OSHPD’s Facilities Development Division is chartered with developing building standards for earthquake resistance based upon current knowledge and providing an independent review of the design and construction of hospital buildings in California. The Facilities Development Division is known throughout the world for its exacting standards to ensure structural integrity and functionality of California’s health care facilities. The implementation of innovation is one of the core values that OSHPD employs to attain its mission. The ConXL system, already deployed in commercial, medical office, educational, industrial and military applications, uses a “lower and lock”™ connection technology which forms a grid of special moment frames and requires no field welding or braces.

ConXtech worked with structural experts at Thornton Tomasetti, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger and OSHPD to develop the testing protocols which exceed OSHPD’s previous full-scale test requirements. ”ConXtech’s innovative and structurally robust ConXL moment connection will be an exceptional structural framing solution for the California healthcare industry,” states William Dasher, Senior Vice President, Thornton Tomasetti. With ConXL, engineers can now easily design more sustainable and structurally robust hospitals in California that are substantially lighter when compared to current structural options.

Approval for use of ConXL in California hospitals comes at a time when hospital facility teams across the state are challenged to rapidly bring online new and replacement facilities in difficult economic times to ensure that these facilities remain operational after a “code” seismic event. A California Senate bill (SB 1953) requires hospitals that are considered hazardous and at risk of collapse or significant loss of life in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster must be replaced or retrofitted to higher seismic safety standards by 2013.

“The California hospital market is substantial and the structural standards are higher than anywhere in the world. There is a real urgency to replace or retrofit these essential facilities throughout California that may not otherwise be operable after the next large seismic event,” states Robert Simmons, Founder and CEO/CTO of ConXtech. The use of ConXtech’s robust structural system brings value on numerous fronts from design simplicity and cost efficiency to future programmability. Additionally, ConXL enables significantly faster construction and is safer than conventional steel framing because it is precision manufactured, fabricated, welded and inspected in a quality-controlled factory environment.

Raymond Kitasoe, ConXtech’s VP of Engineering, says, ”The testing performed under the direction of OSHPD was unprecedented with a true bi-axial loading sequence subjecting the connection to 100% of the beam’s capacity concurrently in both directions. No other structural connection has been tested to this extent. We believe ConXL raises the bar from a structural integrity standpoint.”

The company’s technologies enable vast gains in efficiency when compared to conventional steel fabrication. The ConXL Special Moment Frame (SMF) connection can be mass-produced and redundantly distributed within a building frame. The entire frame consists of standardized components for design and cost efficiency, while providing flexibility for varying beam spans, depths and weight. In addition to meeting OSHPD requirements, ConXL also meets special detailing requirements for high seismic areas and U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) antiterrorism standards.

ConXtech is transitioning from a sole-source provider of its technologies to a technology supplier empowering the established fulfillment chain. ConXtech’s systems offers compelling solutions for a diverse range of healthcare, commercial, residential, educational, industrial, DoD, and other governmental structural applications.

About ConXtech Inc. ConXtech Inc. is a privately-held building technology company based in Hayward, CA. The company has developed ConX®, a revolutionary structural steel building system, which results in robust, cost efficient and sustainable structures. The company sells a set of standardized connection components and also licenses its fabrication technologies, methods and processes.

ConXtech’s system utilizes innovative structural connections which are manufactured in a high-tech environment, enabling the mass-customization of a precise structural “chassis” to which other systemized building components can be added. ConX structures are inherently seismic, blast and progressive collapse resistant and ideal for the healthcare, military, commercial office, high-density residential, educational, petro-chemical and industrial structure markets.

Utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM), CNC milling, standardized components, go/no-go fixturing and other state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, ConXtech creates precise modular and configurable assemblies which drastically streamline the design, fabrication and on-site erection processes and reduce time, labor and overall project costs when compared to conventional structures. ConXtech brings a systemic change to the building process enabling owners and developers to predictably build faster, better, safer and greener.

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