Couples in Crisis from Ailing Economy Turn to Rejection Expert and New Edition of Popular Book for Help

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — A crisis among couples has been quietly brewing along with the numbers of people chronically out of work or those fearing getting a pink slip.

“I’ve never heard so many people say their main issue is ‘stress due to being in a financial crisis,’ and I’ve been a couples therapist and communication coach for over 25 years, says Dr. Elayne Savage, author of the newly released 2nd edition of “Breathing Room – Creating Space to Be a Couple” and author of another popular self-help book, “Don’t Take it Personally.” “Foreclosures, lay-offs, pay-cuts, and the fear of ‘what might happen’ are deflating self-esteem, which is leading to breakups and divorces.”

The 2nd Edition of “Breathing Room – Creating Space to Be a Couple” comes at a time when couples need this kind of advice in a hurry. “I’m seeing an epidemic of extreme conflict in relationships that would otherwise be solid. People just don’t have the reserve these days. My goal with the book is to provide struggling couples with tools and solutions to weather this economic storm, and any other turbulence they may encounter – now and in the future.”

Dr. Savage points out that increased vulnerability due to the economic crisis leads to heightened sensitivity to rejection. The ripple effect impacts both work and personal relationships. Couples find themselves taking things personally by feeling slighted or wronged, over-reacting to words or tones of voice, and getting blind-sided by disappointments. Hurt feelings, anger and resentment damage connection and intimacy.

Dr. Savage says that millions of couples today face these challenges. “Breathing Room” offers strategies for handling these common relationship problems. The book focuses on new ways to communicate, overcoming rejection, and renewing emotional closeness by enhancing teamwork, connection, trust and respect.

Elizabeth Wagele, author of ‘The Enneagram Made Easy’ and ‘Are You My Type, Am I Yours?’ says,“No two people have the same need for togetherness or the same style of relating. “Breathing Room” explores these differences and offers excellent solutions for couples AND individuals. I recommend the book, and Dr. Savage’s seminars, to anyone who wants to be in a successful relationship – personally or professionally.”

ABOUT DR. SAVAGE Dr. Elayne Savage is a workplace coach, psychotherapist and author of, “Don’t Take It Personally! The Art of Dealing with Rejection” and the newly released “Breathing Room” a selection of the Behavioral Science Book Club. Her books are published in 9 languages. As a leading expert in overcoming rejection, dealing with disappointment, and not taking things so personally she has been featured by hundreds of media outlets, including: LA Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today,,, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Self, Ladies Home Journal, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, NPR, MSNBC, The London Guardian, and BBC World News. Dr. Savage has been quoted and cited in over 25 books.

Dr. Savage is an in-demand speaker who has created a new program based on the book’s principles. The seminar is called, “Breathing Room: Helping Couples Communicate and Connect In These Tough Times.” Requests for her to present her findings across the U.S. are increasing rapidly.

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