CoverCake Promises to Simplify Online Book Discovery

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — There is no comprehensive discovery for the hundreds of TV and radio shows that feature book reviews and author interviews every year. These reviews and books lists are soon forgotten after they are featured in the media. CoverCake has solved this problem by creating a platform that remembers, organizes, and presents book and author information featured in TV shows, radio shows, and movies. CoverCake is a single comprehensive source of book information that performs discovery and recommendations for any Web or Mobile Application user.

“Our goal is to simplify finding the next book that you’re going to read. Especially with the increase in popularity of digital e-readers, CoverCake is critical to providing efficient and intuitive book discovery. CoverCake gives new life to the fast fading spotlight that popular media puts on books and authors”, says Sujee Maniyam, founder of the company.

CoverCake users can buy paper or electronic books at     Amazon     Barnes and Noble     Google Books

CoverCake even includes a function to see if the user’s local library has a copy of a book.

CoverCake is already available for the iPad, and will be soon be releasing an Android application. The company is also in discussions with manufactures of e-readers to embed their application.


Sujee Maniyam
CoverCake, Inc