Crazy Confessions of a 1920s Drama Teen

Alameda, California (EastBayDaily) — The more things change, the more they stay the same. Julia Park Tracey shows that romance, adolescence and heartache feel the same today as they did nearly 100 years ago in her new book, “I’ve Got Some Lovin’ to Do: The Diaries of a Roaring Twenties Teen (1925-1926)”.

Park Tracey decided to write the book after inheriting the diaries of her great-aunt, Doris Bailey. Inspired by the young girl’s escapades in the early 1920s, Park Tracey wrote the book to honor the memory of a woman some would have considered to wild, rebellious and sassy.

“Doris’s sentiments are timeless,” Park Tracey says. “Everything about her is so grounded in the contemporary – her slang, her rule-breaking, her manners. It is a true picture of an era.”

“I’ve Got Some Lovin’ to Do” is a compilation of Doris’s diaries from her teenage years in the flapper era. Young Doris chops off her hair, flirts with boys, kisses and dances with them, falls in love and gets her heart broken, schemes, dreams, and runs away with her pen. Ultimately, Park Tracey hopes to give an unprecedented look into one of the most crazy and formative decades in history, when cars, telephones, and movies were new, when Prohibition and social structures ruled life.

“Doris’s tales of love woes and broken hearts are funny, charming and spot-on, whether now or 90 years ago. Better yet, it’s all true,” says Park Tracey. “Doris thinks what everyone thinks – she’s catty, snarky, feisty. She is unfiltered and as a result, hilarious to read.”

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“I’ve Got Some Lovin’ to Do: The Diaries of a Roaring Twenties Teen (1925-1926)” By Julia Park Tracey ISBN: 978-147593983-5 Softcover: $18.95     |     Hardcover: $28.95     |     E-book: $3.99

About the author Julia Park Tracey, grandniece of Doris Bailey Murphy and conservatrix of The Doris Diaries, is an award-winning writer, editor, journalist and activist. She was the founding editor at The Alameda Sun. Park Tracey has written and edited for several magazines, newspapers and academic publications. She is also very eco-aware and has written extensively about green living and sustainability. She has five children, one husband and three cats. Previously, Julia has published a novel, “Tongues of Angels” in 2002, and “Amaryllis: Collected Poems” in 2009.


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