CreateUrPlate, the only easy and fun way to cost-effectively make customizable personalized plates (glass or disposable) on the Internet launches.

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — CreateUrPlate, the only easy and fun way to cost-effectively make customizable plates (glass or disposable) on the Internet launches after two years of research, patent development and extensive testing. With CreateURPlate, customers can create their own design for table décor, holidays, add photos or text if they are celebrating special occasions such as a baby’s first birthday or even to just simply change a table’s color scheme.

Founder, Sandy Casey notes “We are unique because we sell a clear plate that changes the ‘look/design’ of the plate by placing a Plate-Able™ (our unique removable and reusable decal) on the bottom of the plate, instead of cooking a plate through a melamine process. This creates a lower cost of entry for our customers, allowing them to design and purchase as many plate designs as they choose at any given time without breaking the bank and have the flexibility of a faster turn around time on the delivery. Plate-Ables™ are interchangeable and reusable. Consumers can save them for the next holiday or event in our storage pack specifically fitted for our Plate-Ables™.”

The unique design of the Plate-Able™ allows it to be securely placed on the underside of the plate assuring that there are no food safety issues or concerns of cutting into the design.

The CreateURPlate team is made up of Industry leaders, including: Christopher Raia, Chief Creative Operations Officer, an award winning industrial designer; Douglas Hill, Director of Product Development, a top product manager in tabletop and gift; Myles Megdal, Chairman, a valued leader in direct marketing and big data applications; and Judy Labins, Advisor, formerly with Boston Warehouse, is one of the best product designers in the industry.

Go to to put yourself into the designer seat. Make your table, your way™.

For questions please contact Sandy Casey Sandy(at)CreateURPlate(dot)com 415.310.7387


Sandy Casey


Doug Hill