Creation Ground Media “Levels up” with Business Video Production for Zeemote

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — The collaboration between Indelible Branding and Studio 22 Design on a new website for Zeemote eventually led to a need for video that only the experienced Bay Area business video production company Creation Ground Media could deliver. The end results, four creative promotional videos, appeal to game developers in an engaging and informative way. The videos ultimately aim to create awareness among those developers about the advantages of incorporating wireless control into their games using the Zeemote Development Kit (ZDK).

Studio 22 Design founder Rocky Tilney was working on the design of the new website for mobile gaming technology company Zeemote, while James Welborn, Creative Director at Indelible Branding, was handling all the marketing and copywriting. When the duo realized that video was vital to complete the project, they turned to Creation Ground Media CEO Marilyn Ritter and President George Cohn.

Creation Ground Media, experienced in creating professional business videos, took the technical project and hit the ground running. Zeemote founder Steven Weekes flew from Boston to Pacific Light Studios in Silicon Valley to demonstrate the Zeemote mobile gaming remote control for the cameras. The goal of the video project was to visually describe the ZDK to game developers in a context they are already passionate about.

Zeemote Technology, Inc. is the recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and licensing wireless controller technology and products for mobile devices. Zeemote’s core technology gives game developers the ability to create a console-style gaming experience on Android-powered tablets and smartphones that would otherwise be unachievable through touchscreen control.

Three of the four videos, which are all accessible on Zeemote’s new website, depict the technology’s capabilities by showing a person using a Zeemote wireless game controller to play various games on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The fourth video is a montage of fast game play captured directly from the tablet during the filming session.

“What got our attention in this project was the number of technical and creative issues we had to address in a very short amount of time,” explained Creation Ground Media Founding Partner George Cohn. “One of the technical challenges we faced was to capture the video and audio of the game play directly via the tablet's HDMI port while shooting the video, and then synchronizing the game sounds with the video during editing.”

The other challenge was to create the videos with a tight deadline. Creation Ground Media’s effortless blend of creative vision and technical proficiency allowed all the partnering companies to deliver extraordinary results in time for the launch of the new Zeemote website.

“Creation Ground Media delivered eye catching videos and still met our aggressive schedule,” emphasized Studio 22 founder Rocky Tilney. “They consistently bring a high level of professionalism, technical expertise, and creativity to every project. We are looking forward to our next opportunity to work together.”

About Creation Ground Media

Creation Ground Media is a full-service Bay Area video production company with a success-driven system that provides pre-production: discovery and planning; production: following the plan and capturing it on video; post-production: bringing it all together and adding finishing touches and delivery. They are fluent in all the technologies, from traditional television format to web video marketing, to assure that clients’ videos are delivered efficiently, appropriately, and correctly whether it is for broadcast television, corporate websites, social networking sites, PDAs, or DVD, and can also create business videos.

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Studio 22 Design is a full service design firm with expertise in web design and development, corporate identity, and print and marketing collateral. Their clients range from small and medium businesses to fortune 500 companies in software, technology, services, medical device and non-profit organizations. Studio 22 Design was founded in 1997 by Silicon Valley graphic designer, Rocky Tilney.

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Indelible Branding is a social marketing and integrated communications agency. We provide strategy and tactics based on what proves most effective – right now. From social marketing, to re-branding, to highly innovative digital advertising – we help brands achieve greater relevance and stronger sales in today’s marketplace.

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About Zeemote

Zeemote was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by a group of MIT grads focused on changing the world of mobile gaming. Since then, Zeemote’s R&D has been pumping out innovative technologies creating a portfolio of fundamental US and international patents. The wireless game controller JS1 has made Zeemote the recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, marketing and licensing gaming hardware for mobile devices. JS1 has been distributed by major category brands such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Vodafone, Telefonica, Movistar, Telcel and T-Mobile International.

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