CUBUS Solutions Debuts Online Banking Platform for Credit Unions

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — CUBUS Solutions, a leader in online banking solutions for credit unions, announced today CUBUS Online Banking, a true integration of online banking and the most commonly used functions in one view so credit union members – both individuals and businesses – experience an intuitive and seamless online session. The CUBUS Online Banking product surfaces online banking functionality such as viewing balance and transaction detail, viewing and paying bills, transferring money, paying anyone, viewing graphs of spending behavior and reviewing posted and pending transactions, all on one page. The platform helps credit unions drive more interaction, facilitate greater adoption of e-services and increase touch points with members.

“Instead of the notion of online banking just being a self-service, transactional kiosk, we believe it should proactively build stronger relationships with members. Our focus was to provide a solution that delivered value to both the credit union and the end user,” said John-Ashley Paul, CEO of CUBUS Solutions. “The response we have received from the market has been nothing short of fantastic. We are filling a gap for credit unions with what is truly the next generation of online banking.”

Combining actions like ACH transfers with other frequently used online banking functions are hot topics for credit unions. Instead of increasing the number of disparate systems to provide this functionality, CUBUS created a completely holistic solution “under one roof.” Built-in ACH tools and a host of other applications provide a seamless user experience that is easier to learn and faster to adopt.

In additional to the rich application set, credit unions will have the ability to add other CUBUS products that will plug-and-play into the platform. Credit unions can also integrate any third party application into the platform using the CUBUS single sign on interface.

Current CUBUS customers, FAA Credit Union of Oklahoma City and Diamond Credit Union of Pottstown, PA are the early adopters of the CUBUS Online Banking platform and have already started testing the product internally.

“What we saw in the solution was that it provided a solid framework and core that could help us grow and serve our members well into the future,” said Tena Rohrback, Executive Vice President of the 40,000-member Diamond Credit Union. “CUBUS Online Banking is not an off-the-shelf product and you’re done. It’s an extraordinarily robust solution that has a bright future because of the solid and secure foundation it’s built upon.”

Jef Fialkowski, Senior Vice President of IT for FAA Credit Union said, “A key feature for us was that other products from CUBUS will integrate seamlessly into the new online banking platform. We can consolidate functionality and integrate it tightly. This lets us create internal efficiencies and reduce the number of vendors we are dealing with. We can simplify the process of managing and integrating the technology that powers our online channel.”

Key Features Full-featured internet banking account access including real-time balance and transaction information, check and statement images, online reporting and more Best-in-class user experience and functionality including secure login and 128-bit SSL encryption, single sign-on, friendly account names, multiple users, session summary related links and more Easy secure money movement via online bill payment and presentment, and real-time future dated or recurring funds transfer

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Consumers continue to switch to online banking The use of online banking is growing across all demographic segments of the US population. While younger consumers tend to be more active customers of these services, usage by older consumers is increasing. Overall, bank customers now prefer online banking more than all other methods combined. This year, 62 percent of U.S. adults polled named online banking as their preferred banking method compared to just 36 percent last year, according to a September 2011 American Bankers Association survey: Popularity of Online Banking Explodes: Bank customers 55+ now prefer online banking over branches.

About CUBUS Solutions CUBUS Solutions, headquartered in Livermore, CA, is a software company that provides powerful online banking applications to credit unions helping them better serve and retain their members through innovative service offerings, more efficient and cost-effective operations, and creative membership rewards programs. The company has a suite of cost-saving and green business software solutions specifically for credit unions which include electronic statements, electronic alerts, electronic notices, remote deposit capture, rewards checking, card cash back, loyalty points, and several other online banking solutions. For more information visit Mobile: 510.918.0331 Email:


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