CW Analytical Introduces the 2015 Medical Marijuana Patient Guide

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — CW Analytical Laboratories, a leading medical Marijuana quality assurance testing and analysis organization, today announced the availability of the 2015 Medical Cannabis Patient Guide, a resource that helps patients better understand different Cannabis products and consumption options while also providing a way for them to record and track the effects and efficacy of the medicine they consume.

The array of choices available to medical Marijuana patients at dispensaries can be both impressive and intimidating. Every individual is unique and may respond to specific strains, products and consumption methods much differently than their fellow patients. Whether someone is new to medical Cannabis or looking for a more effective means for medicating that better addresses their specific ailments, legitimate information is key in making a good decision.

"The 2015 Medical Cannabis Patient Guide was developed by physicians, patients and scientists in an effort to empower patients to make more informed decisions about their medical Marijuana products," says Dr. Robert Martin, PhD, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of CW Analytical Laboratories. "We always advise patients to select medicine that has been tested to ensure the absence of chemical and microbiological contaminants and also to pay attention to cannabinoid content since the potency of different forms of Marijuana can vary widely. However, finding the right therapeutic mix of Cannabis products and consumption methods often entails some trial and error, and this guide enables patients to record, track and analyze their Marijuana usage to ultimately help them find the right medicine with confidence."

The 2015 Medical Cannabis Patient Guide is currently available at dispensaries in Northern California that work with CW Analytical to ensure the safety and quality of medical Marijuana products sold in their facilities including:     The Green Door : San Francisco     The Green Cross: San Francisco     Berkeley Patients Group: Berkeley     Telegraph Health Center: Oakland     Green Remedy: Richmond     Shambhala Healing Center: San Francisco     Bloom Room: San Francisco     Igzactly 420: San Francisco     Seven Stars Holistic Healing Center: Richmond     Sonoma Patient Group: Santa Rosa

The 2015 Medical Cannabis Patient Guide is not meant to provide medical advice or to prescribe specific medicine, and should never be used in place of a physician. CW Analytical encourages patients to utilize the information recorded and tracked in the Patient Guide in tandem with their doctors and dispensaries to help them select the medicinal Marijuana products best suited for their needs.

"We still have much to understand about Cannabis and its many components, and we see the 2015 Patient Guide as a resource to help navigate the many options available to patients in California," added Martin.

CW Analytical empowers patients to make informed decisions about medical Cannabis products, and the organization is committed to fostering the community of stakeholders in the medical Marijuana industry (growers, dispensaries, patients, labs, doctors, legislators and caregivers) in order to promote the further adoption of safe patient access in the communities we collectively serve. CW Analytical is a founding member of the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories, a group of medical Cannabis testing laboratories dedicated to establishing medical Marijuana best practices and certifications for quality standards.

About CW Analytical CW Analytical provides scientific testing services to ensure the safety and quality of medical Cannabis products. Founded in 2009, CW Analytical is the leader in medical Cannabis safety and quality assurance monitoring services, and continues to set the standard for scientific testing in the medical Marijuana industry. The organization’s portfolio of products and services enables dispensaries, edible manufacturers, growers/cultivators and other businesses in the medical Cannabis industry to maximize efficiency and make better strategic business decisions. Since its inception, CW Analytical has analyzed more than 100,000 unique medical Marijuana samples and has worked with over 150 collectives and medical Cannabis edible product producers throughout California. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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