D&D Introduces the ViEW Case – The Perfect Solution for iPads in Education

Martinez, California (EastBayDaily) — D&D Security Resources, Inc., a leader mobile technology for schools, announced today a new product for iPads in Education. The ViEW iPad Protective Case is a completely new design for the 1 to 1 Common Core programs going into effect in K-12 Education nationally. The case features a protected integrated window for viewing a school district asset tag, student ID card or customized engraving on the rear of the iPad.

Available exclusively through D&D, this case features a sleek and ruggedized design that is ideal for mobile device 1-to-1 programs in education where iPad identification is critical. The ViEW case is a great solution for any environment where an iPad may be easily dropped or knocked off of a desk because of its protective reinforced corner and ribbed construction.

iPad Damage Proves Costly to Education

Under normal conditions, and without using protective cases, school districts can expect at least 10 to 15 percent of their tablet fleet to be damaged. “One school district recently rolled out a fleet of 1,000 iPads with no ruggedized protective cases. Close to 150 iPads experienced physical damage. At an average repair cost of $140 each, the out of pocket repair cost to the District was nearly $21,000.00,” said Jeff Rogers, General Manager of D&D Security. “After the District began using our ruggedized protective cases, the number of damaged iPads decreased to near zero.”

Designed specifically for iPads in Education, the ViEW Case features include:     Sound redirection channel which redirects the speakers output from the rear of the iPad to the users’ side (perfect for student use)     Protective Strengthening Ribs – which add an extra layer of durability     Easy-to-clean silicon material that repels water     Single Unit Construction     Extra silicon in the corners and along the edges for more “drop-proof” reinforcement     Accessible and Protected Ports

CUSTOMIZATION OPTION ViEW Cases are available with school district name and logo debossed onto the case for large quantity orders (1000+ units), perfect for iPads in Education. Case outside dimensions: 10.5 inches wide x 8 inches high x .75 inches deep.

The ViEW Case has a US patent pending.

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Jeff Rogers
D&D Security Resources, Inc.

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