Daniel’s Jewelers Shines Brighter by Acquiring Genuine Email Subscribers and Enabling Visual Referrals on its Site Using ShopSocially

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Leading family-owned jewelry business with 68 locations across California State, Daniel’s Jewelers is using ShopSocially’s online marketing platform to rapidly increase size of their email marketing database. By embedding onsite email subscription module from ShopSocially, Daniel’s Jewelers is converting 4.84% of website visitors into valuable email subscribers. Happy customers of Daniel’s Jewelers are sharing their photos with diamond jewelry on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Using ShopSocially, Daniel’s Jewelers is aggregating these photos and showcasing them on site as engaging visual referrals. This is adding social buzz to Daniel’s Jewelers website and enhancing the user-experience on site.

“From our beginning in 1948, Daniel’s Jewelers has always striven to help our customers realize their dreams of possessing beautiful diamond jewelry. We pride ourselves in treating our customers like our friends and family. Our newsletter program enables us to extend this delightful customer service to online world,” commented Henry Tanuwidjaja, Online Commerce Director at Daniel’s Jewelers. “ShopSocially is helping us rapidly acquire email subscribers on our website and strengthen our email marketing efforts. Customer photos on our website are acting as excellent visual referrals and adding to social buzz on our site.”

Daniel’s Jewelers is using ShopSocially’s Get-an-Email app to convert website visitors into email subscribers. Website visitors have a genuine interest in the brand and hence are very good prospects for email marketing programs. Visitors are incentivized to sign-up for Daniel’s Jewelers rewards and newsletter by sharing their email address. As offer information is sent to email address shared by users, these email addresses are valid and generally do not need further qualification. Through this, Daniel’s Jewelers is rapidly expanding the reach of its email newsletter program. With this approach, Daniel’s Jewelers is enabling 4.84% of its website visitors to become email subscribers.

Diamond jewelry is often linked to memorable events in customers’ lives. Customers are capturing these memories in form of exciting ‘selfies’ and posting them on social channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These socially shared customer photos are excellent visual referrals on how Daniel’s Jewelers is inspiring happiness among their customers. Using ShopSocially’s Photomonials app, Daniel’s Jewelers is aggregating these images and showing them on site in form of an attractive photo-gallery on its site. This is adding visual social buzz to site and making shopping experience on site more engaging for users.

With the advent of visual web and popularity of photo-sharing social channels like Instagram, it is relevant for marketers to incorporate pictures in their marketing strategy. Product photos or ‘selfies’ are the best manifestation of customer referrals in visual form. An onsite photo-gallery to showcase these social images on site enhances the user-engagement and helps increase customer conversions.

“Email marketing continues to be the must-have marketing strategy for all marketers. Website visitors make high-quality email subscribers; hence adding them as subscribers boosts the impact of email marketing program for marketers. Displaying customer photos on site acts as a powerful social proof and has strong influence on new customers,” said Samir Palnitkar, President at ShopSocially. “We are delighted to help Daniel’s Jewelers benefit from these marketing strategies and to continue to enchant their customers online as they do in their offline stores.”

About Daniel’s Jewelers:

Founded in 1948, Daniel’s Jewelers is a family-owned diamond jewelry business. Through its 68 locations in California State and online website, Daniel’s Jewelers is delighting customers by offering high-quality jewelry, excellent customer service, unbeatable prices and instant credit. For three generations, Daniel’s Jewelers are making their customers dreams come true and serving them with love and care.

About ShopSocially

ShopSocially is a premium, SaaS-based, social, referral and loyalty marketing platform for businesses. Leading brands like Crabtree & Evelyn, Dressbarn, Zipcar, Ulta, Beretta etc. are using ShopSocially platform to enable referral marketing, visual commerce, customer loyalty, social login, social gamification and other such programs on their site.

ShopSocially has been consistently driving word-of-mouth promotions via social for 1000s of brands and delivering positive social ROI for their social media efforts.

ShopSocially has won several awards and has also been featured by Facebook in a Social Commerce case study. Launched in Oct 2010, ShopSocially is a privately held company in Mountain View, CA. For contact information, please visit http://shopsocially.com/platform/request-a-demo.html.


Vibhushan Waghmare