Daylight Foods Sponsors Eat Real Festival

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Ever wonder how honey is collected? Or how to prepare homemade jams? Well this is the weekend to find out at the Eat Real Festival in Oakland’s Jack London Square! Eat Real focuses on local, organic products and craftsmanship from the Bay Area. Produce used in demonstrations at the event will be provided by Bay Area food service distributor, Daylight Foods.

This is the fifth year the Eat Real Festival has been held in Oakland and it keeps getting better and better. “Eat Real’s three day celebration of great food goes far beyond eating and drinking,” said Marcy Coburn, Executive Director of the Eat Real Festival. “We want people to learn about their food – from making butter or sauerkraut, to roasting coffee at home and growing backyard vegetables, to seeing the artistry involved in butchering a steer or preparing a chicken to feed their family. The Eat Real Festival salutes all aspects of our food system, and seeks to activate and inspire our attendees to demand good food year round.”

The principles that Coburn explains are very much in tune with the culture in the Bay Area which embraces seasonal produce and naturally raised local meat. Being educated about how your food is grown, and who is growing it, has become not only more important to people, but information people expect to have access to.

This is the first year Daylight Foods has participated in the event as a sponsor and produce provider. Located in Milpitas, it is important to the company to support community events. “The Eat Real Festival was an important event for us to be involved in because we too want to promote local products and growers who support our Bay Area communities,” explains Stephanie Macedo, Director of Marketing at Daylight Foods. “The abundance of local products accessible year-round is quite unique and we hope people attending the festival are able to gain a better understanding of what is available to them.”

Daylight Foods produce will be used throughout the weekend in Food Craft Demos and DIY classes where you will see and get hands on experience working with products. For instance, on Saturday afternoon see Daylight Foods’ cabbage highlighted during the “Delicious America: Kraut and Kimchi Tasting” at 1pm on Palm Plaza. As well, on Sunday Daylight Foods’ mint will be highlighted in the DIY Food Craft class “Make Your Own Mint Julep with Four Roses”

In addition to the demos and DIY classes, some vendors at the event will be using Daylight Foods produce in their dishes. Jim’N Nicks’s Bar-B-Q will be serving local corn from Daylight Foods with their delicious smoke meats. Jim’N Nick’s come all the way from the South each year for this event to serve up their delicious BBQ which is a staple in the south. Sugarfoot Grits is a pop up grits vendor who will be using collard greens from Daylight Foods, served up two ways, with or without bacon!

“We look forward to participating in this event in the years to come,” said Macedo, “We hope more events like this are started to help bring people closer and gain a better understanding of where their food comes from.”


Stephanie Macedo


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