DCG Systems Wins Multimillion-Dollar Contract for Viper System for 20nm Process Technology

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — DCG Systems, the leading provider of semiconductor diagnostic, characterization and defect localization solutions with more than 1200 systems deployed worldwide, today announced that a leading integrated device manufacturer (IDM) has selected its next generation 300mm OptiFIB CE (Circuit Edit) system in a new multi-million dollar contract. DCG’s solution was selected for its support of 20nm and below process technologies– delivering unparalleled performance – as well as its proven ability to reduce time-to-market for new technologies.

“No other CE solution offers the same level of performance as the OptiFIB Viper System,” said Ketan Shah, General Manager, CE product line for DCG Systems. “DCG ensures the very highest quality and accuracy that is needed to develop the next generation products using the latest process technologies.”

“The IDM’s selection of the 300mm CE Viper further solidifies our reputation as the proven market leader in semiconductor diagnostic systems,” said Dr. Israel Niv, President and CEO of DCG Systems. “DCG Systems is committed to give IDMs the fastest prototyping capability in order to shorten their time-to-market using our cutting edge CE solutions. No other company provides the same combination of live and simultaneous optical and FIB imaging.”

Supporting CE needs for 20nm and below process technologies, the 300mm OptiFIB Viper System incorporates DCG’s new coaxial photon-ion column, a key feature in this next generation CE product family. The new Viper photon-ion column facilitates beam spot sizes fifty percent smaller than previously possible and enables seamless operation at lower beam energies to avoid device damage during the edit.

Circuit density increases 50% at each new major process node, which creates new obstacles in semiconductor diagnostics. Increased density has reduced the size of potential defects down to a few nanometers to create new challenges, such as increased susceptibility to dielectric punch-through by the ions. DCG Systems’ high resolution CE solutions are designed specifically to address these new challenges.

About DCG Systems DCG Systems, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Fremont, California, is the industry’s leading supplier of semiconductor diagnostic, characterization and defect localization solutions. With more than 1200 systems deployed worldwide, DCG Systems delivers the most comprehensive and advanced systems available to enhance the yield and efficiency of today’s micro-fabrication technologies. DCG’s solutions include: circuit edit (CE); circuit analysis; electrical failure analysis; thermal failure analysis; and nanoprobing characterization. All of DCG’s solutions leverage its patented NEXS(TM) software suite for unrivaled CAD navigational capabilities.

DCG Systems has offices in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and Germany. DCG Systems includes the former Schlumberger/NPTest Probe Systems division, Optonics, Inc., Hypervision, Inc., Zyvex Instruments, LLC, and Thermosensorik GmbH. For more information about DCG Systems, visit http://www.dcgsystems.com.


Nicole Berens