DCIM Leader Reaches 1,400 Data Center Milestone

Pleasanton, California (EastBayDaily) — CrestPoint Solutions, the DCIM technology leader and pioneer in Data Center software solutions, announced that the total number of data centers managed by their FME software has surpassed 1,400 in 2012. The FME platform provide state-of-the-art facilities management capabilities, inventory management, resource management, planning and control of scheduled maintenance activities, business intelligence for trending, forecasting, capacity management, capital deployment, cost of ownership and recording and displaying datacenter KPI’s.

Founded in 2000, CrestPoint Solutions has been providing data center management software solutions since 2001. Their flagship product, CrestPoint FME, has steadily grown to become the most widely adopted data center infrastructure management solution on the market today. Through the company’s vast experience in data center engineering and software design, CrestPoint FME has received outstanding reviews from data center engineers regarding the solutions usability, functionality, comprehensiveness and flexibility. With over 1400 data center in 22 countries, CrestPoint FME has become the preferred solution for data center managers and enterprise organizations worldwide such as Verizon, Apple, AT&T and ViaWest.

“CrestPoint is extremely proud of our reputation as the premier DCIM solution available. The partnerships that we’ve developed with our clients over the years have been tremendous and we are looking forward to continue our rapid growth,” said Fabomi Ojuola, President & CEO of CrestPoint Solutions. “Our business has steadily grown based on customer referrals and leveraging existing relationships. While other DCIM companies are claiming 200 and 300 data centers we are very happy to announce that we have reached 1,400 data centers with a relatively minimal marketing presence.”

“One of the biggest advantages of our FME Software application is that it has been under constant improvement and enhancement for more than 12 years. It is designed and managed by engineers who truly understand data center operations and the real life challenges that are encountered,” said Erick Domingo, VP of Technology & Innovation of CrestPoint Solutions. “We have an intelligent, mature and comprehensive suite of applications that have come out on top of every evaluation process that we’ve been a part of.”

“Implementing a DCIM solution doesn’t end with selecting the software application. Integration and data management are often overlooked aspects of the implementation process. Our team of skilled engineers makes this process quick, seamless and less intrusive,” said Phaniraju Vankadari, VP of Operations & Service Delivery of CrestPoint Solutions.

About CrestPoint Solutions CrestPoint Solutions is a global infrastructure solutions provider that offers software, energy consulting, data management, project management and facilities auditing services to data centers, telecommunication facilities, multitenant Colocation facilities, government agencies and commercial and industrial buildings with the goal of improving efficiency through the optimization of systems. Their software and solutions have been employed by some of the world’s leading companies. With 1,400 facilities deployed in 49 states and 22 countries, the CrestPoint-FME is the leading DCIM platform on the market.