Definitely Twisted, This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Cake Book

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Not many cake designers can say their work has been featured both on the Food Network and in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Now, in time for Halloween, designer and author Debbie Goard (of Debbie Does Cakes) has teamed with Harper Design (an imprint of HarperCollins) to release “TWISTED CAKES, DELICIOUSLY EVIL DESIGNS FOR ALL OCCASIONS.”

TWISTED CAKES subverts sugary-sweet cake designs and boring celebration frosting, and instead offers how-to instructions for 20 delightfully wicked cakes. Inside, readers will find recipes for edible cockroaches, maggots, and worms, and detailed instructions for sculpting cakes shaped like a Venus fly trap, a severed arm, a two-headed piglet, and a hyper-realistic voodoo doll with edible pins.

Drawing on Debbie’s 21 years of professional experience, the book delivers easy-to-follow instructions, lists of essential tools and techniques, and step-by-step photographs for creating each of the 20 cakes. It demonstrates how to craft an internal structure, cut cake with a template, roll out fondant, work with modeling chocolate, ice a cake, and airbrush on the finishing touches.

With projects for all skill levels, TWISTED CAKES is designed for seasoned cake-makers and novices alike. The memorable eyeball-catching treats are perfect for Halloween, Day of the Dead, Valentine’s Day, or any other special event when a pretty cake just won’t do. It even includes instructions for making a traditional wedding cake – now complete with a bloodied axe.

More on Debbie Goard: Northern California based author / designer Debbie Goard is internationally known for her realistic cakes and offbeat approach to cake design. Her company, Debbie Does Cakes, located in Oakland, California, eschews traditional cakes and is dedicated exclusively to sculpted cakes.

Debbie has made TV appearances on Food Network Challenge, CNN, CBS, and ABC, and has been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines, including LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Examiner, OC Weekly, PlayStation Magazine, Bark Magazine, PEOPLE Pets, and National Geographic Kids.

Although she is excited about these features, her greatest pride has come from seeing her work in tabloids — such as Telegraph UK, The Sun UK, and The National Examiner – and in the pages of two Ripley’s Believe It or Not books.

Debbie’s work has thousands of Internet followers and is frequently commissioned by celebrities and prestigious corporate clients. Her notable clients include: Apple, Tivo, Google, Yahoo, Vogue Magazine, Netflix, Ducati USA, and Pixar.

“When I launched my cake business, I sent my website to a pioneer in the field,” Goard said. “She loved my work but advised, ‘Remove the dead-rat cake.’ That’s when I knew I was onto something interesting.”


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