Dharma Publishing Announces 4 Online Tibetan Buddhism Courses For Making The Most Out Of Life In 2012

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — “When we are aware of the possibilities for developing inner freedom, we can begin to open to the pleasure, health, and satisfaction that are all around us. Knowing ourselves better will prompt deeper insight, more understanding, and a sense of peace. We will grow healthy in body and mind; our work, family, and relationships will become more meaningful.” Tarthang Tulku, Skillful Means

Cultivate greater appreciation, create the conditions that allow deep connection with each moment, and take full advantage of life with Dharma Publishing's online programs in human development. Each program is comprised of a series of lessons sent via e-mail. Offering courses in meditation, yoga, Buddhist teachings, and developing satisfaction in work and life, these online courses, based on the teachings of Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche.

e-Skillful Means: The online program in skillful means takes a unique look at how to use work as a path of inner realization. A perfect arena for exploring potential, work provides the possibility of refining inner resources and uncovering the strength of our natural abilities. While working, the Skillful Means practices will elicit hidden talents and the promise of the situation. This program can help to give a sense of what it means to have a “good time” at work: joy, satisfaction, meaning, creativity and positive accomplishments.

e-Meditation: The inner quiet which arises from meditation relieves the stress of these times of rapid change, when it is so easy to lose sense of stability and balance. In trying to do too much in too little time, we can become agitated and upset. When our minds are relaxed and quiet, however, life becomes simple and balanced, free from disruptive extremes. The e-Meditation program explores meditation by refining the breath and developing the mind's ability to practice visualization.

e-Dharma: Dharma Publishing's newest online program, Doors to the Dharma, connects life and teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. Offering a thematic approach to study the teachings of the Buddha beginning with Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, this program includes readings, practice suggestions, and instruction in visualization, mantra, and sacred art. Inspired by the Buddha's teachings, access to inner knowledge becomes more readily available.

e-Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga: Offering a practical guide to the pleasure of a healthy and balanced life, rich in beauty and enjoyment, Dharma Publishing’s e-Kum Nye program brings together 9 levels of theory and practice to transforming from the inside out! E-Kum Nye postures generate a relaxing process of body and mind that opens a path of spiritual development in the midst of daily life, laying a foundation for meditative practices.

Based on the books Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga and The Joy of Being, this course provides instruction on how to integrate the energies of body and mind allowing them to function calmly and smoothly, relieving stress, transforming negative patterns, and opening your heart and senses.

Whether looking to begin or deepen a meditation or yoga practice, get more satisfaction from work, or interested in the Buddha's teachings, with Dharma Publishing's online programs, the timeless wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism and Tarthang Tulku is made available to a growing global community, positive and lasting change is possible here and now.

For more information about Dharma Publishing's online programs, visit us online. To register for one of the programs please contact Dharma Publishing by email or call us at 1-800-873-4276.

Try Kum Nye and Experience the Magic

Introduced by Tarthang Tulku in the early 1970’s, Kum Nye is an ancient Tibetan Yoga practice based on traditional Tibetan medicine. The physical postures and breathing exercises, combined with inner awareness and concentration, align and integrate the physical body and senses with the mind and intellect. In calm and relaxed states of well-being your inner world—the world of the mind, heart, energy and senses—is transformed. As described by a long time Kum Nye practitioner: “One of the most beautiful things about Kum Nye is just how inspiring it can be, how it wakes up something in you, that part of you that wants to be joyful, it wakes it up and lets it run free like a little kid again.”

Begin exploration of Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga with the following exercise:

“Flying” This posture calms the restless flow of thoughts and generates feeling in the heart center.

1. Stand well balanced with your feet about 4 inches apart, your back straight and your arms relaxed at your sides. Slowly lift your arms away from your sides until they are directly overhead with the backs of the hands facing each other and the fingers straight. Close your eyes and feel the sensations of energy in your body. Relax your thighs and minimize any backward arching in your spine.

2. Slowly open your arms, increasing the distance between them in a balanced and equal way. Take 1 full minute to bring them all the way down to your sides.

Take another minute to move your arms up again. When your arms are overhead, stretch up slightly, keeping your legs relaxed. This stretch clears and settles the mind. Do the movement 9 times.

As you move your arms pay attention to the feeling tones and the flow of energy through your body. As your arms descend let energy flow into your heart center; as you raise your arms, direct energy outward through your fingers. You may feel heat and energy surrounding your arms and hands.

To complete the exercise sit in a sitting posture for five minutes or more, continuing to sense the flow of energy, with breath, body, and mind as one. As a variation try slowing the movement down, taking two minutes in each direction.

About Dharma Publishing Dharma Publishing is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the culture of Tibetan Buddhism while contributing to the Western understanding of mind, well-being and human potential. We have a wonderful bookstore in Berkeley and we do events and lectures, book launchings, and promote a Calendar of Retreats throughout the year. Offering various courses and workshops in the Bay Area on meditation techniques as well as various meditation instructional audio CDs for those unable to attend our workshops in person. Our passion is to share our love throughout the Bay Area for Buddhist Books and Culture and to educate people on topics relating to Tibetan Buddhism and meditation and visualization techniques. Please give us a call at (510) 200-0981 to learn more about our very unique products and services that benefit the Tibetan culture.


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