Dialtone Pickups to Demo and Launch New Infinitely Tone-adjustable Guitar Pickup

Livermore, California (EastBayDaily) — Locally owned company Dialtone Pickups today announced more details on the upcoming demonstration and launch of its exciting new infinitely tone-adjustable guitar pickup Sunday June 1 at the Panama Red Coffee Co., 2115 First Street, Livermore, from 4-5 pm.

Promising to be a boon to professional and amateur musicians alike, Dialtone’s new guitar pickup is endlessly adjustable right on the guitar. With no need to switch between limited pickup combinations in the search for that “perfect” tone to suit your style, the new Dialtone pickup lets you simply dial it in on the fly.

Complete with user-controlled adjustments for resonance and “Q” (how “good” the sound is), Dialtone’s pickup makes an endless combination of tonal variations possible, allowing you to quickly dial-in tone and clarity that simply cannot be achieved with standard pickup combinations. And, as a direct drop-in replacement for current humbucker pickups, Dialtone’s infinitely tone-adjustable pickup will make the switch to a vastly better sound that much quicker and easier.

Renowned guitarist Brandon McCullough will give a performance demonstrating the versatility and fantastic sound of the Dialtone pickup, and afterwards company founder John Liptac and Director Tory Taylor will be on hand to answer questions.

To coincide with the unveiling, Dialtone Pickups will also be launching their very own KickStarter campaign which will be linked from their Website and social media on Sunday afternoon. To be successful in this campaign, Dialtone needs to pre-sell a minimum of roughly 250 sets to meet their minimum goal, without which development of an infinitely tone-adjustable pickup will be delayed. Given that this would be a great tragedy for the music world, you are presented with not only a unique opportunity to be one of the first to own and use one of these extraordinary pickups but also the chance to help make this campaign a success by pre-ordering for yourself (and maybe even one or two more as gifts?)

So, if you want to see and hear one of the most amazing advances in pickup technology in recent years, appreciate some good music in a great atmosphere – maybe even arrive early to enjoy some wine tasting or dine at one of Livermore’s fine restaurants – then get down to the Panama Red Coffee Co., June 1. The music starts at 4 pm.


About Dialtone

Formed specifically to produce the infinitely tone-adjustable guitar pickup, Dialtone is a company with a passion for music, a flair for creativity, and a strong technical background that all combine in a company dedicated to creating innovative products for musicians.

Founder John Liptac is an avid guitarist who grew tired of swapping out and rewiring pickups in his search for the perfect tone decided to make one that would be infinitely adjustable on the guitar itself. To this end, John drew on his technical ability (he has a BS in Interdisciplinary engineering from the University of Washington and a PhD in Applied Plasma Physics from MIT's Department of Nuclear Engineering) to design and build the industry’s first infinitely tone-adjustable guitar pickup.

Dialtone’s Director, Tory Taylor with extensive experience in business development and organizational engagement, along with musical consultant Brandon McCullough, technical consultant Andrew Schultz, and Marketing and PR guru, Monica Lofstrom round out the enthusiastic and dedicated team at Dialtone.


Tory Taylor

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