Digité Announces Availability of Swift-Kanban v1.1 – SaaS/ Cloud-Based Kanban-Tool with ‘Smart Lanes,’ Control Charts and much more

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Digite, Inc., a provider of leading-edge Agile ALM and Kanban tools, announced the availability of the latest version of its Cloud-based and on-premise Kanban tool, Swift-Kanban ver 1.1.

Making the announcement, Mahesh Singh, Sr. VP – Product for Digite said, “As Kanban adoption goes up and teams try innovative approaches to model complex business processes on Kanban, the need for smarter visualization Kanban tools is increasing. Mapping value streams on a physical Kanban board and making continuous changes as the processes improve, becomes quite cumbersome, which is where a tool like Swift-Kanban brings immense value.”

Mahesh further added, “We appreciate the feedback from numerous early users who helped us prioritize features that are implemented in this version. At Digite, we have always prided ourselves in staying closely engaged with our customers for delivering our Agile ALM and Kanban tools on SaaS and on-premise versions. We are confident that Swift-Kanban will be perceived as a powerful Kanban tool for distributed/ virtual teams where team members may work from a combination of large and small offices, home offices and even on the move!”

Some of the significant enhancements in Swift-Kanban ver. 1.1 are listed below:     Improved Board Designer: The improved board designer provides an easy-to-use and more intuitive interface to define your value streams in terms of Horizontal/Vertical lanes, with the ability to easily reposition or split lanes and set WIP limits.      ‘Smart Lanes’: Easy-to-use, yet powerful, ‘Smart Lanes’ – a first in electronic Kanban tools – can be associated with various card attributes like Class of Service, Priority, or even Team Members, etc. As the cards move from one Smart Lane to another, the corresponding attribute value changes automatically and vice-versa.     Control Charts: Control Charts that help monitor your process and understand variations in various metrics such as Lead Time, Cycle Time, Work Time, etc.     Status Reports: Status reports give a quick status of cards being worked upon by various team members and help provide overall status. These will be invaluable for teams who are transitioning from traditional to Kanban methods of managing projects and might need some operational reports.     Full Screen View of Kanban Board: Kanban board provides a maximized view to enable better visualization and track a greater number of cards in a single view.

Apart from all of the above mentioned enhancements, there are many more to follow, which are listed in the release page of Swift-Kanban help blog.

Improved Pricing/License Bundles

Based on the feedback and requests from numerous users, a new licensing option – ‘Personal Kanban’ has been introduced, which will allow individuals, families, students, and small/Non-profit organizations to use the tool for free!

For more details on Swift-Kanban, please see http://www.swift-kanban.com.

About Digite:

Digite, Inc. is a leading provider of Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Agile ALM) and Kanban tools and solutions for projects and teams using a Global Delivery Model. Digité Enterprise and Swift-Kanban are Digite’s flagship tools that enable technology and project organizations successfully manage technology and other projects, products and applications through effective collaboration between globally distributed teams. Available in both SaaS and on-premise models, Digite provides all critical functions needed by distributed software and business/ functional teams in a collaborative, integrated, web-based platform.

Digite is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

For further information, please contact marketing(at)digite(dot)com or 650-210-3949 or visit http://www.swift-kanban.com or http://www.digite.com.


Mahesh Singh
Digite, Inc.