Digite Releases v2.0 of its Enterprise Kanban Tool, Swift-Kanban

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — Silicon Valley based Lean/ Agile ALM vendor Digité announced v2.0 of its Swift-Kanban tool, enhancing and introducing a number of new features including Scrumban, Kanban Board Templates and Mobile Support.

Best Scrumban Tool in the market yet!

Swift-Kanban 2.0 combines the best set of Scrum and Kanban features to support software teams that want to apply Kanban principles and processes to improve any part of their Scrum processes that are not working very well for them or use Scrum as is for their software development activity. Scrumban is a term frequently used to describe the process by which Scrum teams can adopt Kanban to take processes that may not be working well for them and improve them in a gradual manner to processes that work.

Many Scrum teams have struggled with key aspects of Scrum such as fixed time batched delivery, release/ iteration estimation and missed deadlines, problems typically associated with the traditional “waterfall” model. Kanban holds the promise of helping these teams improve in an evolutionary model and eliminate the problems they face.

Swift-Kanban 2.0 provides all key features to support Scrum including Release and Iteration planning, Time Tracking, Burn-down/ Burn-up charts and Kanban board views by Release/ Iteration.

Kanban Board Templates, Mobile Support and more..

Swift-Kanban 2.0 provides enterprise teams the ability to set up standard Board templates for the different types of projects or activity they do – whether in software/ IT or business functions. Organizations can use out-of-the-box templates from Swift-Kanban or create their own to give their teams a head-start on new projects.

With the 2.0 release, Swift-Kanban can now be used on the move on iOS and Android powered mobile phones as well, adding to the existing Tablet support.

For complete details on Swift-Kanban 2.0, please visit – http://tinyurl.com/6qwdqyp

About Digite

Digite, Inc. is a leading provider of Lean/ Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Lean/ Agile ALM) products and solutions for the Global Delivery Model. Digité Enterprise and Swift-Kanban are Digite’s flagship products that enable technology and project organizations successfully manage technology and other projects, products and applications through effective collaboration between globally distributed teams. Available in both SaaS and on-premise models, Digite provides all critical functions needed by distributed software teams in a collaborative, integrated, web-based platform.

Digite is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. For further information, please contact sales(at)digite(dot)com or 650-210-3929 or visit http://www.Swift-Kanban.com


Mahesh Singh
Digite, Inc.