Dlvr.it Launches Demographic Analysis for Social Media

Berkeley, California (EastBayDaily) — Today at the Content Marketing Strategies Conference, Dlvr.it announced the launch of its proprietary social demographic analysis service. This new service provides critical insight into the demographic make-up of the most engaged users of real-time content streams including social media audiences, RSS feeds, mobile and paid media syndication. Data includes age, gender, household income, education level, ethnicity and children in household.

For the first time, media sellers, marketers and agencies will now have access to:

1. Comprehensive demographic information on the audiences consuming their content away from the content’s primary website.

2. Insight to the unique demographic characteristics of each individual channel the content is distributed and shared into, including reports that compare the audiences of your individual social networks, including your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The new service creates actionable data for media sellers, marketers and agencies.

Media Sellers: Guides social publishing efforts and provides comprehensive understanding to better represent your properties to advertisers.

Marketers: Gain valuable insight into the audience segments most engaged with your brand and offers and their impact on the conversion funnel.

Agencies: Make more effective media planning decisions and improve media efficiency to attract look-a-like audiences.

This service is now available to a limited number of large and medium-sized Web publishers and Media Agencies including Reuters, WebMD, and Brafton.

“As a custom news provider, Brafton aims to help business partners reach their target audiences through relevant content. Dlvr.it’s demographic analysis helps us ensure that the social content we provide is engaging the right audiences for individual clients,” said Meagan Parrish, Social Media Manager at Brafton.

Until now, media sellers, marketers and agencies lack comprehensive insight of the demographics of their real-time content streams. This reporting is now built-into Dlvr.it saving media sellers, marketers and agencies time and money and giving them a single interface to make powerful comparisons across channels.

“As further audience fragmentation occurs especially with social media, reaching these audiences with a distributed content marketing program that includes the same analysis as all the other marketing programs a brand implements will be expected. By combining real-time content streams with demographic analysis, publishers and marketers can finally pinpoint their most loyal fan base to create meaningful action and ROI from social media,” said Bill Flitter, CEO and co-founder, Dlvr.it.

Data is aggregated from several sources and is then compared to the internet average to deliver a clear picture of how your audience compares to the internet at-large.

The launch of demographics by Dlvr.it is part of a series of tools Dlvr.it is launching to bridge the gap between earned and paid media to create ROI from social media and real-time time data streams.

About Dlvr.it Dlvr.it is one-click delivery of all your brand’s content anywhere online. Dlvr.it providers bloggers, publishers and brands, including Groupon, WebMD, Reuters, Toyota, Microsoft and more, with a way to expand their reach on the social web and into new channels. Our tools make it easy to manage and measure the flow of your content everywhere your audience is.