DNF Security Unveils the Falcon USS™ Uniting VMS and Shared Video Storage into One


Hayward, California (EastBayDaily) — DNF Security, a Dynamic Network Factory (DNF) business unit and provider of mission-critical IP surveillance solutions, has released its newest edition to the Falcon Series with the Falcon USS™. The Falcon USS™ is DNF Security’s first appliance that combines video management software (VMS) and shared video storage into one convenient hardware appliance.

Ideal for surveillance environments where several VMS are implemented or multiple edge recorders are needed in one system, the Falcon USS™ is the ultimate security solution that ensures total hardware utilization while reducing power/cooling cost as well as allocating resources to more demanding applications all without the additional cost of obtaining other hardware or server devices. Customers can allocate and load-balance a certain amount of cameras and hardware resources between the different VMS giving you higher efficiency and resource utilization; as well as scalability and expansion options as video storage needs increase.

This fault-tolerant appliance comes in a convenient, space-saving 3U (USS™ 1600wz) and 4U (USS™ 2400wz) rackmount chassis with hot-swappable drives and trays, redundant 1200 watt power supply and an advanced cooling system.

The Falcon USS™ currently comes in two models the USS™ 1600wz and 2400wz with maximum storage capacities of 32TB and 48TB with the latest in RAID technologies. Other high performance features include eight-core 64-bit architecture, 12GB system memory, and four copper gigabit Ethernet connectivity ports.

For more information about the Falcon USS™ or any of DNF Security’s dynamic surveillance solutions please call us at (510) 265-1122.

About Dynamic Network Factory

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Roela Regalado
DNF Security