’s Newest Feature: Massage Therapist and Day Spa Listing at No Charge

Fremont, California (EastBayDaily) — is growing and inviting customers to try new massages at affordable prices at an affiliated spa near them. In addition to their increasing clientele, DoubleOwl welcomes professional massage therapists and day spas from all over the bay area. Unlike other directory websites, however, DoubleOwl will list these massage therapists and day spas at no charge. With the intent on building relationships throughout the day spa community, and bridging the gap between massage therapists, day spas, and loyal day spa customers, DoubleOwl vows to list willing day spas and massage therapists at no charge. This unique proposition benefits more than just DoubleOwl.

A massage therapist can affiliate with DoubleOwl and create their own personal profile on the website at no cost to them, which helps them expand their own personal clientele, gain loyal customers, enhance their massage techniques, and increase their experience in the day spa industry. Massage therapists will find that their business will grow exponentially from the first day they sign up with DoubleOwl.

Similarly, the day spas that affiliate with DoubleOwl for free will begin to see their empty rooms occupied, and their clientele list increase. The massage therapists at these day spas also have the opportunity to sign up on DoubleOwl at no cost to them in order to gain more experience. Day spas will not regret affiliating with DoubleOwl and becoming connected with a wide range of massage therapists, day spa customers, and other day spas across the bay area.

This is only the newest feature to come out of the DoubleOwl website. is bridging the gap in the day spa community and is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness throughout the bay area.


Jimmy Wang