Dr. Vince Malfitano’s Cypress Meadows in Antioch, CA Receives 2014 Award For Pet Friendliness

Antioch, California (EastBayDaily) — Cypress Meadows, a senior living facility in Antioch, CA has received the 2014 Award for Pet Friendliness from APlaceForMom.com, an honor bestowed on the facility for its acceptance of both dogs and cats and the manner in which the facility treats these pets. The facility, which is locally owned and operated, has a strong reputation in the senior living community, as it has consistently provided one of the cleanest and friendliest facilities in the area.

Dr. Vincent Malfitano has set very high standards for the facility he helped design and build, and ensures that these standards are met through his consistent presence at the facility. He has made a point in maintaining low staff turnover rates in order to achieve a tangible sense of continuity at the facility, and he consistently credits the staff for the many accolades that he and Cypress Meadows so frequently receive.

This most recent honor, the 2014 Award for Pet Friendliness, is emblematic of the detail-oriented approach taken at the facility. Vincent Malfitano and the staff at Cypress Meadows consider every last detail in the services that they provide to ensure that the residents of the facility are comfortable and feel completely at home. It is not uncommon for people to consider their pets as important members of the family, a fact that Cypress Meadows has recognized and respected through their acceptance and treatment of both cats and dogs. Senior Analyst for the senior living community Saleh Stevens explained the award, "when considering the care of the elderly many companies ignore the mental aspects. Enjoying company from a pet can go a long way to creating an environment in which people enjoy living. Dr. Malfitano has done exactly that." Stevens explained.

The 2014 Award for Pet Friendliness is only the most recent in a long line of awards that Cypress Meadows has received. The facility has received a number of other recent awards, including an award for excellence that is based on the ratings of the families of residents. While Vince Malfitano will be quick to note that it is the staff’s efforts that have resulted in these accolades, the staff will just as quickly note that Dr. Malfitano’s presence, friendliness and approachability are all central to the culture that has been developed at Cypress Meadows.

The facility has many other amenities and policies that are attractive to prospective residents beyond just the acceptance of pets, as there are many activities available for residents to engage in and numerous common areas in which people are able to congregate, among countless other amenities which include a swimming pool and hot tub.


Brandon Hopkins


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