’s “Driver License” App Exactly as Dangerous as DNC’s Mitt Romney $10,000 Bill, at 72 dpi

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — today issued the following statement:

In response to a letter from Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Apple has pre-emptively pulled’s free “Driver License” application from the Apple Store. Senator Casey’s concern is that the “Driver License” app might “facilitate lawbreaking,” by giving users access to a “…high quality image resembling an actual drivers’ license.” The “Driver License” app’s output is only 72 dpi, which is in fact the same resolution as the $10,000 Mitt Romney Bill released today by the Democratic National Committee. specifically and deliberately designed the app to prevent the creation of counterfeit identification. “By design, it would take more effort and expertise to modify the product of the ‘Driver License’ app than to construct a counterfeit from scratch,” says Founder and Chief Operating Officer Gary Tsifrin.

Since 2009, the “Driver License” free app has allowed users to put their faces on a low-res mockup of their state’s license. The app is a digital-age version of using a photo booth at the beach. The product of using the “Driver License” app cannot be mistaken for a fake ID because the design elements deliberately do not correspond to government issued ID. designed the app to incorporate obvious layout differences, font and color discrepancies, and the words “MOCK by” in proximity to the word “license.” The “Driver License” app contains none of the security features of a modern government issued ID. (For the security features modern driver’s licenses contain and a brief, non-comprehensive inventory of the ways the app did not incorporate those features, please see the fact sheet on The app was carefully designed to provide a fun glimpse of what it would look like to have a driver’s license of your own from any of the fifty states, but a deliberately inaccurate version. That’s why offered it for free, and marketed it in the “Game Zone” on the site.

In contrast to the fun “Driver License” app,’s core education mobile app is a full-featured test-preparation suite, which Apple featured in the app store ( and is also available for Android. strongly supports Senator Casey’s goal to maintain the integrity of government issued ID. As driver’s education professionals, we work closely with state regulatory agencies, schools and families toward public safety on America’s roads and highways. National security requires trustworthy, secure identification, and any resource that threatens the integrity of that identification should be shut down. However, in the words of Gary Tsifrin, “the ‘Driver License’ app absolutely did not allow anyone to manufacture a fake driver’s license, and we believe Apple pulled the app prematurely. We hope that in light of these facts Apple will take one more look at the ‘Driver License’ app.”


Chris Flink