Dublin Based Online Store, The Panic Store Announces New Survival and Camping-Related Products

Dublin, California (EastBayDaily) — The Panic Store, a one-stop-and-shop store for emergency preparedness, has recently added new survival products to its range of camping supplies, survival food and lighting items.

“Spring is around the corner and a lot of the new items are camping related, as well as being useful additions to your emergency supplies at home,” Ken Minard of The Panic Store said.

The store has added the subcategory, Adventurer Survival Gear, to its selection of camping supplies. Under this section, customers can now find reasonably priced items, such as Boy Scout pocket survival kits, Adventurer pocket survival tins, emergency survival fishing kits, wilderness survival kits, emergency-ration packs, genuine U.S. military issue items and NATO-approved items.

For more information about the Adventurer Survival kits, visit http://www.survivalgear-thepanicstore.com/adventurer_survival_gear

The Panic Store also offers full cases of MRE meals and cook-in-a-pouch meals, which are convenient during camping, hiking, hunting, cycling or even for a visit to the beach. Such meals are also advisable solutions for emergency situations, especially situations that involve disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Another new item is the candle in a can series. Candles in a can are emergency 50-hour candles sealed safely in a can, with matches included. The packaging of the candles keeps them fresh and the matches dry, a great feature for long-term storage. The candles also feature an extra safety precaution because the matches cannot ignite in the absence of air.

The Panic Store was established to provide guidance and assistance to the public in preparing for unexpected disasters. It offers a wide range of premium survival and first-aid kits that could help any family or business during a natural or manmade catastrophe for at least 72 hours after the disaster and until rescue arrives. These kits include emergency food, water, bulk medicine supplies, other essential items, and optional backpacking and camping supplies.

In this age when technology enables people to be aware beforehand, being prepared is a much wiser plan than hoping things will just work out. The Panic Store is ready to help families and businesses in that end.

For more information about The Panic Store, call 925-570-3202 or view the company on the web at http://www.survivalgear-thepanicstore.com.

About The Panic Store

The Panic Store is a Dublin-based online store offering all brands, sizes and types of emergency survival kits and products for disaster preparedness. The Panic Store is a leading online retailer of emergency supplies for natural and manmade disasters, supplying survival kits for every eventuality.


Ken Minard
The Panic Store