Early Stage Social Network Media Investment Opportunities Expand for TrintMe, as Start-up Company Wins Major Awards

Mountain View, California (EastBayDaily) — TrintMe (web: trintme.com), a new Social Media start up on Facebook that helps users take the next friendly or romantic step in their friendships without the risk of rejection or spoiling what they already have , has won prestigious entrepreneurship awards as the company focuses on early stage investment opportunities in social media. The company connects Facebook users for dating, shopping and fun activities via a novel social app for expressing “true intentions” towards others. TrintMe was among the top three teams at the Babson Entrepreneurial Thought and Actions (B.E.T.A.) competition and garnered a $2500 award as well as favorable press in Boston Innovation.

“We are extremely honored to receive the kind of new prestigious entrepreneurship awards so coveted by many social media start ups,” explained VS Joshi, TrintMe’s CEO. “Having successfully connected Babson college students for dating, meet ups, and other social activities, our goal is to get to the next technical level (Beta) by growing into other colleges as well as opening our investment opportunities in TrintMe to early stage or Angel investors looking for social media investment opportunities. Logical revenue paths include both social dating and group-based shopping.”

For more information on TrintMe, go to https://www.trintme.com/


With the product in Beta stage, TrintMe is opening the door for additional user feedback as well as investment opportunities by those eager to be a part of one of the next big Facebook or Social Media applications: intentional social media app’s. This summer the company is soliciting and hosting interns to work either in San Jose or remotely as the Facebook App grows beyond the testing phase to true beta roll-outs at major universities and develops its revenue model. There are also limited opportunities for Angel or seed (“early stage”) investors who see the value in social media and Facebook app’s.


The B.E.T.A. challenge recognizes major milestones businesses have achieved by taking action. TrintMe has been running a social experiment at Babson college and receiving feedback since November. Students sign up for the app on Facebook, indicate their friends and possible intentions (friendly or romantic) privately. If there is a match, both are notified privately. If there is no match, no one knows about others’ intentions. Facebook and social media are now a part of college life, and TrintMe is allowing Babson students to make deeper connections online by avoiding an awkward moment that will help them with exciting offline lives. The company was so successful in Babson testing that it easily garnered several prestigious start up awards.


TrintMe helps people express and match their true social intentions with their friends. Social intentions can be as simple as getting a cup of coffee together or more complex as starting a romantic relationship. First, users sign up for TrintMe as a Facebook app. Second, they indicate their friends and the social intentions they have for those friends. Finally, TrintMe reveals only shared intentions among friends and keeps unmatched intentions private. The company’s motto is “Take your friendships further…”

TrintMe http://www.TrintMe.com/ Tel. 888.986.6111 Email. vs(at)trint(dot)me


VS Joshi