East Bay Architectural Design Company Creative Directions by Jerald W. Vallan Announces They Have Moved to a New Location

Oakland, California (EastBayDaily) — Creative Directions, an East Bay architectural design company announces they have moved to a larger, more accessible and visible facility that enables them to fully showcase different talents, both in the architectural design field and the visual arts. The new location allows the public to view various art works either by driving by or coming in for a short visit. The company intended to have a larger location for reproduction equipment and to fully provide services and continue relationships with other professionals in the same field.

Creative Directions has been providing drafting and permit services to East Bay contractors, home owners, developers and architects for more than 20 years. The company has the ability to produce plans at a lower rate than most professional drafting services and has successfully completed projects for major contractors as well as small to mid-sized contractors.

“Creative Directions provides a useful permit assistance service that has been instrumental in obtaining permits for projects,” said Richard Earl Reese of Rich Investment Company. “Mr. Vallan has been an integral part of our rehab business. His incredible knowledge and skill sets have enabled us to transform properties into works of art. The mention of his name to city inspectors or planning department personnel brings smiles and acknowledgement that if Jerald designed it, you just know it will be flawless. If you want it done correctly and with panache, call Mr. Jerald Vallan of Creative Directions.”

East Bay’s Creative Directions have provided drafting for Cetus Corporation, Superior Tile Co. and others. It has recently provided architectural design and permit assistance to Richard Reese, who has successfully remodeled residential properties throughout the East Bay area. In one recently project completed project, the company took an enclosed deck and bathroom and created an open deck and a master bedroom with a bathroom to add value to the undervalued property.

Interested clients can visit Creative Directions website at http://permitdrawingsexpress.com/index.html. Call 510-777-1484 for other information about drafting, architectural design or graphics design. Follow the company on Twitter @Directions and like them on Facebook under Creative Directions.

About Creative Directions Creative Directions East Bay is a drafting and permit assistance service which, for the past 20 years, has assisted in construction, design document and verify code to obtain building permits. The company has provided architectural design graphics to the East Bay community. Creative Directions obtains permits, illustrates and submits to various agencies of engineers, architects, professionals, realtors and home owners to reach the objective.


Jerald Vallan Sr