East Bay BMW Concord Sales Center Announces They Offer Vehicles With High Resale Value

Concord, California (EastBayDaily) — BMW Concord Sales in the East Bay has reported that car sales have been strong. This most likely has something to do with the fact that BMW cars has a high resale value. In fact, according to Kelley Blue Book, BMW was at the top of the luxury brands for Best Resale Value in 2011.

Studies show that the BMW car series from 2011, such as the BMW Series X5 and X6, are in the list of Top 10 Cars with Best Resale Value. This is because the excellent performance keeps the car in top shape for a longer and it will help keep its value for longer than other brands. BMW X5 and xDrive35d were also named Best Resale Value in their class. The Series X3 was also distinguished as having one of the best resale values. In addition to Kelley Blue Book, ALG has also added BMW to their Best Resale Value list.

“Let’s face it: A new car is a major investment. As with any investment, you want to make sure you’re getting the best return possible; mile for mile, dollar for dollar. But when the average car loses much of its value in just the first three years, you need to take a hard look at a car’s residual value in considering its overall cost. Fortunately, BMW has been recognized for its strong residual value by multiple major independent organizations,” said Ian Cooperrider of BMW Concord Sales Center.

For more information, visit BMW Concord’s website at http://www.bmwconcord.com. Customers may also contact the dealership at (925) 246-5947. The store is located at 1967 Market St. Concord CA 94520.

About BMW Concord Sales Center

BMW Concord offers the best brand new and used BMW sales in the East Bay Area of San Francisco. The company offers a full service with repair, maintenance and accessories to always keep clients’ BMW cars in top shape and offering great performance. The staff and mechanics are trained in their respective areas because their top priority is to give the best professional service every customer deserves. The friendly dealership can help guide customers through the process of purchasing a new BMW or obtaining a BMW lease. The have a large inventory of the most popular cars, including the BMW 3 series and 5 series.


Ian Cooperrider