East Bay Business Coach, Life Coaching with a Twist is Announcing New Suggestions for Taking Control of Life

Lafayette, California (EastBayDaily) — East Bay’s Life Coaching with a Twist is offering new suggestions for taking control of your life and understands that schedules and obligations take control of one’s life. This often leads to stress, burnout, frustration, a short temper and damaged relationships. That is why the company suggests that individuals need to recharge their batteries by giving priority in their lives to things that are “life giving.”

“You can certainly love what you do because loving what you do is about an attitude. It is about finding the positive in what you do and focusing on that,” said Dewitt Jones, one of America’s top professional photographers.

As an individual focuses on their career and family, they tend to neglect their own well-being. However, they should be doing those things in life that will fill them with energy and joy. Enhancing well-being can be influenced by positive thinking.

“The greatest sale of self-help books takes place every year around the end of December and beginning of January,” said Christoph Nauer, a life and business coach in the East Bay. “We see the new year as a time to turn over a new leaf, to make a new beginning. Our best intentions, and the books we buy, can easily become something of a reproach as the year progresses and we see ourselves making little progress. Perhaps we need to be careful about the scale against which we measure ourselves. Growing in patience, self-awareness and in proper love of oneself are tasks that deserve time – even if we cannot always measure or prove our progress.”

Mr. Nauer offers some suggestions for people to put themselves back in charge: -Leave work at work. It will be there waiting the next day, but this way you get to spend some quality time with the family. Kids grow up so fast, don’t waste the precious time when they are young. -Don’t be a perfectionist. -Plan a date each week with the person you love. -Don’t work through lunch! Leave the office and do something enjoyable. -Schedule the week carefully and be sure to include some time to take part in a hobby or favorite activity. -Finally, at the end of each day, take some time to celebrate the accomplishments of life. For more information, call 925-286-1886 or visit http://www.christophnauer.com. Mr. Nauer invites interested parties to call for a complementary 45-minute session.

About Life Coaching with a Twist Life Coaching with a Twist in the East Bay was founded by owner Christoph Nauer. The “twist” is that Nauer, unlike most life coaches, brings over 15 years of experience in ministry, pastoral counseling and spiritual direction to the coaching process.


Christoph Nauer